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Remote Ready Biology Learning Activities

Remote Ready Biology Learning Activities has 50 remote-ready activities, which work for either your classroom or remote teaching.

         Name                     School             Home Address                     
Pierre M. Baston        Kensington H.S.              132 W. Laurel St.                    
                                                     Philadelphia, PA  19123                      
Mary Crockett           H. R. Edmonds                5354 N. Sydenham St.                 
                                                     Philadelphia, PA  19141                      
Jacqueline E. Dubin     Jay Cooke M.S.               3035 David Dr. Roslyn, PA            
Carl Flaxman            Central H.S.                 3915 Ruckman Way                     
                                                     Doylestown, PA  18901                        
Karen A. Howell         Leeds M. S.                  1220 S. 21st St.                     
                                                     Philadelphia, PA  19146                      
Veresta B. Hyman        Edison H.S.                  421-8 School House Ln.               
                                                     Philadelphia, PA  19144                      
Frances D. Johnson      Dobbins/Randolph A.V.T.S.    317 D. Shawmont Ave.                 
                                                     Philadelphia, PA  19128                      
Marilyn Krupnick        Wilson M.S.                  135 Susan Dr. Elkins Park,           
                                                     PA  19027                                    
Jennifer L. Lockwood    Leeds M.S.                   425 S. 8th St.                      
                                                     Philadelphia, PA  19147                      
Stephanie Mitchell      Leeds M.S.                   6141 N. Warnock St.                 
                                                     Philadelphia, PA  19141                      
Maryann Ostimchuk       Audenried H.S.               7189 Ruskin Ln. Upper          
                                                     Darby, PA  19082                             
Victor Otarola Jr.      William Penn H.S.            1160 Fielding Dr. West         
                                                     Chester, PA  19382                           
Donna R. Peterson       William Penn H.S.            644 Park Ln. Philadelphia,          
                                                     PA  19144                                    
Thomas P. Rooney        Father Judge H.S.            178 Lookout Ln. Willow              
                                                     Grove, PA  19090                             
Richard A. Rutenberg    Lincoln, Carroll & Douglas   709 Byberry Rd.                    
                                                     Philadelphia, PA  19116                      
Claudette W. Stone      Jay Cooke M.S.               4927 Wynnefield Ave.  14A            
                                                     Philadelphia, PA  19131                      
Doris L. Thornton       Wilson M.S.                  221-2 Echelon Rd.              
                                                     Voorhees, NJ  08043                          
Regina F. Toscani       Central East M.S.            1915 S. 16th St.                    
                                                     Philadelphia, PA  19145                      
Thomas J. Witkowski     Central H.S.                 3431 Englewood St.                 
                                                     Philadelphia, PA  19149                      
Wayne L. Zook           William Penn H.S.            210 Dartmouth Ave.             
                                                     Swarthmore, PA  19081                        

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