On Serendip

The Brain's Images: Co-Constructing Reality and Self

Paul Grobstein
Bryn Mawr College
11th Annual Usability Professionals Association
11 August 2002

From the "reflex machine" to the brain as a semi-autonomous, evolving, creative agent
Distinguishing the unconscious ("tacit processing") and the "I-function"
and reuniting them

... finding the painter, the observer ... and the self?

Discovering the distinction - the blind spot

The generality of the tacit/"I-function" distinction - ambiguous figures

The "reality" issue

The tale of two story tellers - tacit and "I-function"

Advantages of two story tellers - double loopiness

  • reflect on experience
  • conceive new worlds
  • conceive new self
  • free will

And on ...