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Making Observations

The blue panel below is the entry point to a Shockwave presentation which you can use to measure simple reaction times to a visual stimulus, as well as reaction times in several situations where more "thinking" is required. You will need a Shockwave plug-in to see the presentation. Your computer should tell you if your browser doesn't have the needed plug-in, and give you an opportunity to download it. Otherwise you can go yourself to to get the plug-in. It may take a little while for the presentation itself to download, so please be patient. If you haven't looked over the background material on the Time to Think main page, you might want to do this too before proceeding.

To begin, click on the Case 1 red button ("Act"), and follow the instructions which appear on the screen. Serendip will present simple reaction time trials, collecting your response times for each. You probably want to do at least ten trials to get a good measure of these values. After completing this case, you will be returned to the opening screen to proceed by clicking on the button for the next case, and so forth. Repeating a case will erase the original data for that case. When you have completed all cases (or as many as you want), click on the brown button ("Results Summary") to see a summary of all results. You will also have an opportunity to save your data in a file on your computer.

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