Submit Reaction Data to Serendip

When you click the Submit button at the bottom of this page, your observations will be sent to Serendip, assigned a code number, and stored in a publicly accessible web database. You can recover your observations from the database by their code number; they will also available to others interested in phenomena in which data on thinking times is relevant. Some additional information about yourself will enhance the potential usefulness of your observations. You can provide this information by filling out the form below before clicking the Submit button. There is also space to give us any comments you might have. You must include your email address so that we can contact you if there are problems with submission. Neither your email address nor your name (if you choose to provide it) nor any comments will appear in the publicly accessible database. Please give us as much information as you feel comfortable providing. Thanks for your contribution. You can contact us with questions at Serendip

The data from your most recent "Time to Think" trial should appear in the box below.
Note that you may have to scroll up to see all of your data. If the box appears empty, or if the data seem incorrect, please copy the entire contents of the RctnData.txt file in the Prefs folder inside your Shockwave folder, and paste it here.

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