Biology 202
1999 Second Web Reports
On Serendip


Neurobiology and Behavior, 1999

Students were expected, in lieu of a midterm examination, to select a topic of interest to them and write a short paper based on exploration of materials available on the web. As elsewhere on Serendip, these are intended not as the final word on any topic but rather as expressions of the interests and perspectives of individuals and as windows to available information and perspectives available elsewhere.

Mary Bartek Love Stinks: Intraspecies Chemical Communication
David Benner Meditation and the Brain
Rachel Berman The Brain in Ecstasy
Jason Bernstein On the Function and Evolution of Sleep
Kimberly Bibbo Psychotherapy Versus Pharmacotherapy: Is One Better than the other?
Jessica Brock Music Appreciation and the Auditory System
Melissa Bromwell A Comparison of Two Types of Treatment for Alcoholism
Andrea Byrd Tinnitus - Have you experienced it yet?
Carly Cenedella Literature Supports Trigger-Dispersion Theory of Epilepsy
Caroline Choe yet to be posted
Mahalia Cohen Tourette's Syndrome and the "I" Function
Jessica GoldenbergMoving Ahead, Another Movement Disorder
Laura Gosselink Creativity and Mental Illness
Lauren Hellew Unconscious Processing: Subliminal Perception
Kathryn Ho The Anti-Placebo Effect?
Marion Howard Achromatopsia
Patricia Kinser Psychoneuroimmunology and Natural Healing by the Brain
Emma Kirby-Glatkowski St John's Wort: Treating Depression Naturally
Adrianne Lord Using a ‘Human Model’ to Examine the Vision of Albino Rats
David Mintzer Vision and Blindsight: Implications Regarding Consciousness
Caroline Murphy yet to be posted
Sarah Nosal Handling the Brain
Debbie Plotnick Why Psi: Perceptions of Anomalous Cognition
Nicki Pollock The Complexity of Arnold-Chiari Malformation
Evelyn Rodrigo yet to be posted
Feyza Sancar Proposed Mechanisms of Dreaming
Deborah Silvis The Neurobiology of Mental Retardation: Fragile X Syndrome
Alexandra Smith The Olfactory Process and its Effect on Human Behavior
Nicole Stevenson Reality Distorted
Lacey Tucker Considerations of Individuality in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Autism
Elizabeth Varadian I-function, Pain, and Memory
Joseph Xiong Obsessive-Compulsive Behavior and the Types of Treatments
Jessica Zaldivar The "I" and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Alicia Zukas Tuberous Sclerosis

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