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Remote Ready Biology Learning Activities

Remote Ready Biology Learning Activities has 50 remote-ready activities, which work for either your classroom or remote teaching.

Neurobiology and Behavior 1998, Evolving Web List

Neuroscience Education, a resource list by Erik Chudler, University of Washington (PG)

Psychological Resources on the World Wide Web, by Edward Kardas, Southern Arkansas University (PG)

Explore the brain and spinal cord, from Neuroscience for kids by Erik Chudler, University of Washington (PG)

Sheep Brain Dissection Guide, from University of Scranton Neuroscience Program (PG)

Rat Atlas Image Database, from UCLA Laboratory of Neuroimaging (PG)

Comparative Mammalian Brain Collections, from the University of Wisconsin (PG)

Neurotransmission, from Department of Psychology, California State University, Chico (PG)

Seeing, hearing, and smelling the world, from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (PG)

The Brain Project, by Stephen Jones ... supported by the Creative Development Branch of the Australian Film Commission ... "chapters on various issues related to consciousness"(RC)

Introduction to Sleep and its Disorders, from the Circadian Learning Center at Circadian Technologies, Inc.(RM)

Neurosciences on the Internet, a searchable and browsable index of WWW resources (DH)

Electronic Journals, neuroscience journals available on the web, from Neurosciences on the Internet (AB)

NeuroRoulette, randomly generated accessible sites from Neuroscience on the Internet (KC)

The Welcome Department of Cognitive Neurology, University College London - access to some interesting graphics, articles, links (KC)

Neurology Web Forums, from Masschusetts General Hospital, "to foster online discussions between patients, caregivers and physicians about various Neurology-related topics". (KC)

Towards a Science of Consciousness, New Scientist reports from a conference (Tucson II) in April, 1996 (see also abstracts for Tucson II and upcoming Tucson III).

Professional Resources in Neurosciences and Neuropsychology, from Mental Health Net, "rates the other neuro websites according to content ... provides links to each of them" (DH)

Demonstrations in auditory perception, from McGill University

Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness

Interactive illustrations of color perception", from Brown University

Searchable database with links to abnormal psychology sites, from York University, Canada (JJ)

Counter-rotating spirals illusion, by Mark Newbold, who provides also an animated Necker Cube and a stereoscopic animated hypercube

The Waterfall Illusion

Musical Illusions and Paradoxes, by Diana Deutsch, University of California, San Diego. Some downloadable material and ordering information for a CD.

You must be hearing things, from CBC Radio's Quirks and Quarks for Kids.

Psychiatry and the Law, Forensic psychiatry resource page, from the University of Alabama

Forensic Psychiatry and Medicine, by Harold Bursztajn, M.D.

Sleep and Memory: Evolutionary Perspectives, by J. Lee Kavanau, Dept. of Biology, UCLA

Circadian Technologies, Inc., includes tutorials on circadian rhythms, sleep, alertness

Memory Consolidation in REM sleep: Dream On, by Robert Vertes, Center for Complex Systems, Florida Atlantic University

Sleep Research Society

What is the minimal brain unit capable of sleep?", by Guili Tononi, The Neurosciences Institute, San Diego, California

World Federation of Sleep Research Societies Newsletter

Sleepwalking: Insanity or Automatism, by Peter Ridgway, Murdoch University Electronic Journal of Law, Australia

Parasomnias - Arousal Disorders Information, from The Sleep Well, at Stanford University

Time Doc, "devoted to sports and physical training professionals, and athletes" with some interesting references to and openings for neurobiology

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