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Biology 202
1998 Second Web Reports
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A normally unobserved brain process emphasized



1.) Synesthesia: Phenomenology And Neuropsychology from the journal Psyche

2.) A Synesthesia Experiment: Consciousness of Neural Activity also from Psyche

3.) CONTEMPORARY NEUROPSYCHOLOGY AND THE LEGACY OF LURIA A Volume in the Institute for Research in Behavioral Neuroscience Series

4.) Synesthesia - A Real Phenomenon? Or Real Phenomena? in Psyche

5.) Using Brain Imaging To Look At Synaesthesia from ISA

6.) Wechsler-Memory-Scale - Revision in German

7.) Ever taste a shape, or smell a color? an article from CNN

8.) Synesthesia Paper by Omar Kamel

9.) Is There a Normal Phase of Synaesthesia in Development? from the journal Psyche

10.) Synesthesia and Method from the journal Psyche

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