The discussion of the way in which we see and an image is formed in our head reinforced my opinion that the nervous system controles our behavior almost exclusively. The NS filters information for us and adds new information without us, or the I-function, ever being aware of it. Even if we allow that the process of making a decision is not exclusively conducted through interaction of neural pathways and corrolary discharges, and that something that we could reffer to as the I-function participates in the process, we need to understand that the information the decisions is being based upon is not objective because the NS has already filtered it. This implies that the NS has the ultimate control over how we perceive ourselves and the world around us and consequently how we behave.

There certainly IS a lot that is going on without US being aware of it, which is to say without any information about how its done reaching the I-function. But don't be TOO pessimistic. The nervous system is a part of US, and WE (at least the I-function) a part of it. And WE can in fact come to understand (or at least improve our understanding) of what the other parts of the nervous system are doing before we find out about it. PG