Exploring the input side of our box nervous system model through the eye introduces many paradoxical messages about how we think. Knowing the fact that we make up much of what we see, this brings doubts about individual perceptions, such that it seems like to get an idea of what an image really is, one has to ask a lot of people!! In addition, the fact that our range of senses is quite dull compared to many other organisms suggests that we are a bit simple. However, on the contrary, the fact that our brain can actually make up a great part of the image that is not detectable just by our sight is remarkable and makes us indeed, very bright and advanced. I think that it may be interesting to explore the evolutionary basis, if any, for this retinal processing, if perhaps there is some advantage to how we see, such that maybe we can better integrate images to thought with this kind of processing. It would also be very interesting to see what kind of visual processing man was capable of, throughout his development.

That's the bottom line, alright. If one REALLY wants to know what's out there, it helps to talk to LOTS of people. And hope they all see it a little differently. Yes, interesting to try and understand why our brains work the way they do ... and most important that they CAN entertain the idea that the particular way they see them is limited. PG