I have always been fascinated with the experiment that we did in class showing that the brain fills-in information into the area where the blindspot is located. The brain is involved with what we perceive to a much larger extent than I realized. An important question is, how much can we rely on what we perceive?

I was not sure what you meant when you discussed that idea that the brain gives us a clearer picture of what is out there than what reaches the retina, but I suppose we'll talk about it more in class. Debbie :)

Has to be relied on, to some extent, since its all we have. On the other hand, it should always be treated skeptically. Which is to say, one ought always to check what one perceives by (as one normally does) seeing whether a different way of experiencing it yields a similar result and by (as one also normally does) finding out whether other peoples' experiences yield similar perceptions. Yeah, I'll go back to the idea that what we see is clearer than the information we get about it (at least a couple of times. PG