As the mystery of behavior unravels, it is important to see that corollary discharge is yet another concept that effects behavior. In normal behavior, there is a different time relation between certain parts of the body. For example when an action potential is fired, it doesn't simultaneously produce the behavior desired. It starts a chain of reactions. This is an important concept to understand because behavior revolves around this very aspect of neural communication. The small boxes each have to communicate with each other in order to successful produce the right behavior. A copy of a signal is sent from one box to another saying that it has come to a decision. This is the concept of corollary discharge. To further understand corollary discharge, the idea of central pattern generation is also important to look at. CPG is a motor symphony, pattern of connections through motor neurons. A CPG relys a message and the CD fulfills the wish. In the end it is important to see that communication among the neurons is pertinent to behavior. If the neurons didn't communicate, the idea of autonomy would not exist, and neither would the ideas of choice, and purposefulness. CD signals create a set of expectations which can be used for interpretation in the nervous system, ultimately leading to a certain behavior. In essence, CD's are the very path that ultimatley wind down the many different possiblities of many outputs from one input. It gives the NS a sense of direction.

Some appealing poetic images. Yes, CD contributes very importantly to coherence/coordination of nervous system activity. Have ways to relating this more specifically to, for example, the vaguer ideas of "choice", "purposefulness"? PG