If all circumstances in our memory (our experiences) inhibit some action in some way, what we call a "choice", may not be a "choice" at all. With corrilary discharge, we see certain actions or recollections inhibiting future actions. We see past events having a direct influence on present events. And in a way, if this world (this reality) is nothing more than what we create, could all our actions be indefinetly dictated starting with the beginning of time?

This seems an obsurd presumption, but when we break the process down, and work backwads, we see that each event is directly or indirectly influenced by a previous event. Indeed the only difference between humans, and a mammel of "lower" intelligence, is that we are conscious of our thought process. This consciousness is what we call "choice."

So, if our brain interpreted our "choices" differently, producing different actions , would we have created a different reality for ourselves? Because our brain is simply a record of past events, and quite possibly a code for future events, could changes in our interactions with this world and the people in it yeild a change in a collective reality?

With every supporting case I find for this hypothesis, I also learn of a contradicting one. Maybe it is not quite contradicting though. Maybe that case simply deals on a microcosmic level, where the details become amplified until they are out of context. And we look at these details as if they were the entire picture. In some ways, science has become a type of religion because of this. Science seeks to take the collective whole and encompass everything in this reality, when in fact it works at such micro or macro levels, that true meanings (in relation to this reality) become obscured.

When confronted with the possibility of a corrilary discharge, we are encompassing the micro, macro and real cosms all at once. There are the electrons, quarks and leptons that make up an action potential, and there are the brain's effects on it's outside environment, or reality, as well as the entire universe. There is nothing in this world that does not feel the effect of even the smallest change in space or time.

I look at corrilary discharge and am overwhelmed by the possibilities that extend in each direction. Afterall, we are after the best model, should not look inward as well as outward?

Indeed, ought to look in all directions ... and keep adding observations indefinitely. Which, of course, changes the thing (the nervous system) which both makes and interprets the observations. So maybe things aren't quite so determined by the past as you suggest ... and science isn't so limited. All that triggered by a discussion of corollary discharge? Must be good for something, huh? PG