It seems that CD plays a very significant role in explaining behavior since it helps coordinate information between CPG and other boxes, and it also effects sensory input. It also explains the body's awareness of itself without the "I-function" being active. Perhaps, some of the unexplainable human behaviors, such as "phantom limb" sensations can be revealed by CD. Perhaps our body can function entirely on its own without even the "I-function" being turned on or us being conscious of what our body is doing? For example, when sleepwalking, our "I-function" is not on, but we are able to wander through our own house with our eyes close and are able to open the refrigerator and pour ourselves something to drink. Can this be explained by CD? We are not actually obtaining any inputs from ourselves, nor are we fully conscious of our behaviors and thus have little or not control of it. This must mean that something, such as CD along with CPG, is directing our body to do such things.

Very nice idea/extension. Will talk about sleep-walking a little later in course, precisely in context of absence of "I-function". So yes, lots of coordinating signals without that. PG