Yes, it is worth spending a week understanding potentials in the nervous system. These potentials are what make up behavior. Everything that we categorized as behavior a few weeks ago such as thought, talking, seeing, etc. are merely potentials in a variety of nerves that eventually stimulate one or more parts of the brain. It is not the potentials themselves that are different from neuron to neuron but it is the frequency at which they are fired that carries the information to a specific part of the brain for interpretation and response. Since there are resting potentials, synaptic potentials, and receptor potentials in addition to a propagated action potential, autonomous behaviors can also be accounted for. Thus, studying potentials in the nervous system is key to understanding how behaviors originate.

Fair enough. Or, at least, the same way I think about it. Usually. Because I can't sometimes help wondering whether there could be a behaving system based on something entirely different from potentials. Possible? PG