Is understanding the "boxes" in "boxes" and the "boxes" different potentials > worth spending a week on?

Yes. Those potentials are what makes the movement of information travel from > the source of the input to the output. Or as discussed this week, these potentials explain that there is no need for inputs. That the nervous system is controlled by semi-permeable membranes,electric fields and concentration gradients. This is very important to the understanding of behavior. Relating this back to the person with a broken neck however now confuses me.The information travels down the axon so how does this information flow become "broken"? I understand the information can not get from one place to another,but the axons are still there. Are they crushed? and how can they be "crushed".

The entire conversation of potentials is very important, it stresses the notion that the process is "highly improbable". Yet, the reactions of this system cause the moving of information. What remains to be answered is once the information gets to the destination, how does it then cause an output? If > an output is the result of the flow of information.

Crushed or, more likely, totally cut. Hence the information can't get from one place to another. And causes output by synapes, chemicals released which act on muscle (yes, by altering permeability, as we'll see) PG