Was it worth an entire week of class to reach a better understanding of how potential is generated in a single cell? In my eyes, by all means, ofcourse it was. Why does Bryn Mawr makke every freshwomen take a liberal studies english class their first semester? In my eyes, it is essential foe everyone in such a class grouping to start off on a generally, similar first step. Only is the very basics are agreed upon and recognized can a class begin to build arguments and more in depth theories. And besidees, I'd hate to think that all those weekly liberal studies I turned in as a freshwoman were worthless. :)

I also think it halps to have recognized on such a small cellular, iceroscopic level because, often it is difficult to relate something so macroscopic as physical behavior to something within the human nervous system, so minute. Understanding the signaling process due to close proximity which neurons display lends a helping perspective on just how electric and quick reactions within the human nervous system take place.

The downfall however of spending so much time on the actual speecific mechanism of behavior takes away from it's mysterious qualities. I aam one who likes to think that each person in the world is unique, appreciate it, and not ask into too much depth...why.

But maybe looking in depth turns out to enhance the sense of uniqueness, and the appreciation of that? Common first steps are useful, particularly if they lead on to an understanding that similar first steps necessarily point on to uniqueness? PG