I believe that it is worth spending a week discussing action potential. Although it may not have shed and immense amount of light on the question of behavior, it was indeed a large step in understsanding behavior. Armed with the knowledge of how the brain relays its messages and the energy transfer involved, we begin to understand why the body reacts to certain stimuli.

As always, with the aquirement of knowledge, new questions will arise. Why have the circumstances responsible for the maintenance of action potential evolved the way they have? Can there be repair of damaged neurons which are no longer capable of relaying action potential?

As we begin to understand more about the processes in which the nervous system relays its messages, we will begin to ask more probing questions. Hopefully coming up with some interesting answers and some new questions to be answered.

What's the difference between "shedding light on" and "understanding"? Its an interesting distinction: one is getting ready for something and the other is doing it? Hope (too) you get some of the latter as well. And yes, can usually tell if new and interesting questions come up. PG