Something struck me in class when we were talking about the battery that exists within our bodies, the axon. I found myself thinking about the complexity of the processes that occur within our bodies and the sophistication of the systems that carry out these processes. It seems incredible that the body has the capabilities that it possesses. It's amazing to think that the reason I am able to type this is that a billion of neurons are firing thousands of times per second in a specified pattern. Something so complex as human behavior and human thought can be explained in what seems to be the simplest of terms--the passing on of information by an electrical code generated by one neuron to the next. With all of our sophisticated technology, we still do not have the ability to create anything as complex and sensitive as our own bodies.

Yep. And it is not (necessarily) so much that the components aren't understandable (and potentially makeable) as that they are assembled in the most exquisitely detailed way. What seems simple is indeed, when one looks carefully at it, enormously rich and complex. Furthermore, it changes (as you type). PG