To be a good scientist you need to suggest the simplest model. This is understood and confirmed by most scientists. It frusterates me however, to see so much emphasis placed on physical evidence. As the new millennium approaches many important figures are predicting a massive change. A change not only in the physical structure of the world's collective culture, but a change in the mind set of the world's people as well. Astrolgists, physicists, and even the President, are all anticipating this change. This change can only occur if we let it, as we enter an age where global enlightenment is possible. The world is becoming a smaller place, and by virtue of this wonderful thing called the internet, we may connect with those in other countries, speaking a different language, in another hemisphere. The evolution of a sort of "global knowledge" is among us. Not only are we looking to the physical relm for answers, but we are accepting the metaphysical relm to offer some as well.

This all struck me again, as the lesson on action potential was being discussed. It seems that the human race as a whole is starting to pull things together. Not only philosophy and biology, but other culture's beliefs with one's own. Technolgy in the past has tended to discriminate against those that did not use it's vocabulary, it's terms, or it specificity when speaking of the brain. Technology of the present encompases all languages and all descriptions. Looking at the larger picture is enabling us to understand that others are and were speaking of the same things as we. Although they may not have dictated the information in our technoligy-specific manner, they processed the knowledge in the ways they were taught.

As I was coming to understand how an action potential works, I began to make the connection between "action potential" and the Chineese "Chi", or the Buddhist "Sushumna", all which describe the flow of energy or energy potential through the body. For decades allopathic medicine has given us temporary solutions to the "problems" of nature, but now we realize that we must learn what is at the root of these "problems" and prevent ourselves from being infected with the sickness. This is why I find it very important to learn about behavior and its neurobiological components. Indeed the universe is composed of energy, in every form, undergoing constant changes, yet never can it be created or distroyed. This energy is flowing through our bodies as well. As each polarization and depolarization occurs, there is a flux and information is transferred.

Behavior may be either complicated or simple, it depends on how you choose to define it. Maybe someone should just invent a word which covers it all, like an universal constant, which has no other purpose than to help us understand the world around us. Should we just except the fact that we were created as perfect beings, along with all that is living around us, or should we question why we are perfect? Ever since the first generation was cast out of Eden we have been searching for the answers. May there still be something this age old paradox can teach us about the beauty of life itself?

All of that from thinking about action potentials? I would be pleased though if you thought that understanding the brain might in fact provide some sort of common language which allowed the better sharing of diverse perspectives. Maybe the searching is what life is all about? PG