I suppose the view that the brain is no more than a series of input / output boxes solidifies the assertion that brain is behavior. Once the complexity of the brain is broken down and analyzed it is much easier to account for the complexity in a realistic manner. That is, if one does not understand how the brain works then its complexity can seem overwhelming. Likewise, it would be hard to believe that only the brain controlled behavior. This lack of understanding is why we, as humans, have created all encompassing terms such as "soul." We create these terms to explain away the unexplainable. Yet, in the light of scientific detail, we must reexamine our views and account for the complexity of human behavior through our newly realized complexity of the brain.

Maybe or maybe not. Is an interesting challenge to see whether brain complexity successfully makes sense of the previously "unexplainable", but not a "must" nor a guarantee. Let's see how you feel at the end of the course. PG