Every single existing brain is different. the differences in brains are formed due to environment, expereinces and other factors; however do newborn babies have similar brains? i have thought about this and come to the conclusion that they probably don't: because even though a baby is born with a so-called inexpereinced brain it will respond to external stimuli different from another baby. and then there is the issue of babies born with brain disease. deaf or blind bablies will have different brains from a normal baby. in a deaf or blind baby will the input, output, I-functions of the brain work differently? the inputs can be said to be the same but they are processed differently... but then how can different blind brains process visual stimuli differntly!!!? they have not experienced the visual world so therefore it seems as thought they would process visual stimuli differently > but to generalize the brain process is a commited and therefore difficult concluision to make. How can a brain react to inpputs that it has not recieved and then give anoutput that is differnt from another?

Nice question. Which we WILL answer. Roughly speaking, how the brain is organized reflects not only experience but also genetic information ... and therefore can be (is) individuated before birth. PG