The explaination of behavior has long been a destination for many people. Psychologists study behavior according to events and circumstances. And more often than not, the brain is used to define a mysterious behavior. It is obvious that the nervous system is much more complicated than one stimulus provides one response. The stimulus-response model doesn't account for autonomous behavior or one stimulus giving a different responses. Changing it to the input-output model accounts for all of the above. Now, the question arises, is brain really behavior according to the input-output model? It has been established that the human brain has close to 10 to the 12th power neurons, the smallest input-output box. In a typical case, with one connection of the neuron to another neuron, one receives 1000 different outputs while the other receives 1000 different inputs, all simultaneously. The brain is nothing more than 10 to the 12th power neurons. Behavior is 10 to the 12th little input output elements, all talking to each other. Therefore according to the input-output model, there seems to be more evidence that brain is behavior. Through this model there isn't room for an explination of some outside force causing behavior.

Should there be? Are you convinced (already?), or skeptical. I hope the latter, because things are going to get tougher before they get (I hope) better. PG