Last week, the question asked what, if anything, could the brain not explain or would have the hardest time explaining? And I replied with an answer about Nature vs. Nurture. In which, I was reminded, that every brain is different. So now I have read some Scientific journals on neurotransmitters and the pathways of information and the proteins that compile the membranes and I understand how every brain can be different. If a brain is compiled of many different "boxes" and different "pathways" to the different boxes, then although, nurture may influence the inputs into the brain, the outputs or the behaviors are inevitably controlled by those boxes. So the statement the brain is behavior would be true. Now, I agreed with this last week, and searched and read journal after journal for one word or concept that perhaps could not be explained scientifically through the study of chemical pulses or neurons. I haven't found one, yet. I think that just about every behavior can be explained through the process of inputs and outputs in the nervous system.

Glad you're reading (and thinking). But what "journals"? You're not likely to find skeptics in neuroscience journals. More likely elsewhere, or, even more importantly, in your own experiences/thoughts. "Nurture", it will turn out, can affect not only the inputs to the boxes but the boxes themselves. That ok? PG