I am comfortable with the idea that the brain is behavior. My nervous system controls my behavior, myself being an entire individual ( from head to toes). When I think about myself I think of a person, that very one I "see" in the mirror each morning. I am now told that I am located in my brain, and that my body, rather, my nervous system does not necessarily need me. After thinking about this, I decided that it is true, I am in my brain, and that I do not actually see who I am in the mirror. However, I began to have this strange feeling of being disconnected. When I walk or talk, or whatever, when I "behave" I feel kind of robotic since I have now found out that I am somewhere else. I am an entity with in this machinery. Sound strange? Well, maybe this will help: Did you ever watch the " Power Rangers"? Have you seen when they somehow become robots and they are all of the sudden piloting the robots from the head of the robot? Well, that's what I just realized I am. In fact, I am not even the pilot, but more like a co-pilot. Worse yet, I am just a function, the "I-function"! One little box among many is what I amount to! Laugh if you will, but just think about it!

Think AND laugh (its good for thinking). And think some more. Yes, lots of books, with not all of them being "you" or "under your control". In one sense. But, in another sense, they are ALL you. If someone else sees what you see in the mirror, they say "Hi, Jennifer", so certainly THEY regard your body as (at least part of) you. And if what you saw in the mirror was a metallic Power Ranger, you'd be quite puzzled (to say the least, ever read Kafka's Metamorphosis?). So in some sense your body is also (at least part of) you for YOU. PG