It seems to me that the issue of explaining the behavior strictly in terms of the Nervous System raises many questions that are generally approached from various points of view. Yet, I believe that the connection between Nervous System and behavior is an incredibly strong one and I do think that any kind of behavior can be explained strictly in terms of Nervous System.

I think it would be difficult to explain preferences, that is "likes" and "dislikes", in terms of the Nervous System. Exactly why do we like doing certain things, eating certain foods or being around certain people? It seems that collecting the sets of preferences of different individuals would result in completely random combination of data.

Even though, one could probably find the connection between personal experinces and the resulting "likes" and "dislikes" of nay one individual, I believe that it would be difficult to pin-point exactly what is involved in the decision of 'liking' something and 'disliking' something else. Then again, it is not clear whether the problem would lie in finding the direct link between the Nervous System and the behavior or whether the difficult part would be identifying and defining this behavior.

Interesting issue, whether the problem is defining the behavior or the link to the nervous system. Regardless, we will certainly look into nervous system things that would help explain why various "like" and "dislikes" might be present. PG