There is definately a relationship between human behavior and the biological and electrical reactions that take place in the brain. I think that there is no doubt there. It is a remarkable thing when we are able to explain abstract phenomena, such as thinking, learning, and remembering, in terms of concrete observable reactions in the brain. This kind of insight on the brain-behavior connection is crucial in the formulation of solutions to behavioral abnormali- ties. As an example, today we can say with as much certainity as allowed in science, that memory consolidation takes place primarily in the hippocampus and is related to the production of CREB proteins. This is an extraordinary discovery with many potential applications, the most straightforward one being the treatment of poor memory through the possible administration of drugs. But although there is a direct connection here between an abstract process and biological reactions, I still feel that we don't have the whole picture, that their is a crucial piece that we are missing or possibly overlooking. I find it hard to see the connection between the biological processes taking place in my head, the firing of action potentials, etc. and say the picture of a tulip that I am forming in my mind at this particular instant. I find it hard to avoid the word "mind" because the concept that the brain is "it" doesn't seem to explain such things as the genertion of images in ones head or dreaming.

Fair enough. Will indeed talk about what is going on the image generation, both seeing and dreaming. And then see what you think. PG