"Brain=Behavior"? As scientists, we can manipulate the brain to ellicit certain responses, but after years of experiments,we still have no absolute explanation for why certain behaviors occur. A scientist can predict a cricket's movement, but he can only do so 70% of the time. What about the other 30% and why?

All behavior is a product of the brain because without a brain there is no behavior. It must be understood, however, that there are other factors which influence behavior such as experience, perception of situations, and nuturance. The environment is extremely accountable for various responses. Much of this returns to DNA and nature versus nurture; our genes guide us to certain environments and, similarly, the environment can affect gene expression.As much as behaviors can be altered by fluctuations in brain chemistry, they can be altered by factors beyond the physical brain.

There is also the question of free will and choice. Do we really have control over our own behaviors (it is just too scary to succumb to the idea that we are "machines" which function only because of communications at nerve synapses!!). I definitely think that chemicals and nerve firings play an integral role in behavior, but it must go beyond that in order to account for the variability in behaviors from person to person and situation to situation. The fact that each person makes personal decisions, feels individual emotions, holds different beliefs etc. cannot be overlooked. Whether voluntary or involuntary, conscious or unconscious, all behaviors are unique. It is easier to focus on the physical brain for answers, but this fails to explain the numerous questions of why and how. The brain itself is a STARTING point for understanding behavior, but we must also look to the the mind and the outside world.

Betcha we can come up with explanations within the brain for variability. If so, will you be satisfied? Or still want some "mind" in there? PG