I am not completely comfortable with the assertion that the brain is behavior. Somehow it seems to be an oversimplification. However, as I considered this statement and the question of exactly what could not be explained with it, I was unable to find concrete examples of such "behaviors".

Here are some of the thoughts that I came up with as at least behaviors that require more justification. One seemingly obvious answer is God. I beleive that one's faith is given directly from God. This alone however does not contradict the assertion since the behavior of faith could have been part of what is present as part of the brain.

The one thing I think is hardest to account for would be one's conscience. I think that all human beings share this behavior I'm calling conscience. Conscience is the same in everyone and is never altered. It is an unexplained and unquestioned understanding of what is right and wrong. How each individual processes and alters this inate feeling is where the brain enters into the person's behavior. I exclude the conscience from one's brain because I believe it is itself inalterable. It can not and does not change as everything else it the brain is able to do.

Thanks. Nice examination of own thoughts, with clear issues resulting. Which raises the obvious question: is conscience really the "same for everyone" and "never altered"? And an even more general issue. Many people would argue that things which are unalterable can readily be understood in terms of the brain, but alterable things ("choice") require something else. Its interesting that you turn the issue around, suggesting that it is the "unalterable" that requires something other than the brain. PG