Every aspect of human behavior can be accounted in terms of the brain and the nervous system. However, things such as self-awarness, thoughts, emotions and are harder to prove. Unlike reflexes and breathing, these "behaviors" cannot be easily studied by stimulating different parts of the brain or nervous system. Self-awarness, thoughts and emotions are greatly influenced by an individuals culture and environment. This makes the behaviors more complex and harder to simplify and break down into specific brain functions. It is very difficult to understand something like thoughts in terms of the brain since they are a built in process that we use to understand our surrundings and our own brain and nervous system. Until we have the technology to gain a better understanding of the workings of the brain, behaviors such as these will continue to be dificult to explain in terms of the brain.

Interesting. But not entirely clear whether you think these are aspects of behavior which are difficult to explain in principle or simply hard to gather relevant information about. Emotions, certainly, can be "stimulated". Some of the other things you mention are less clear. Again, is it a technical limitation or an in principle one? Let's see as the course goes on. PG