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Neurobiology and Behavior: A course and a conversation - 1997

Neurobiology and Behavior (Bryn Mawr College Biology 202, taught by Paul Grobstein, syllabus) is a lecture/discussion course aimed at involving students in an ongoing discussion of the prospects and problems of trying to understand behavior in terms of nervous system organization and function. It is a comprehensive treatment neither of research on the nervous system nor of that on behavior but rather a consideration of the relations between the two. As such, it is both appropriate for and attracts students with a variety of different backgrounds and future career plans. As part of the course, students prepare weekly short essays reacting to material of the course and suggesting open questions which require further exploration. Since these essays help both to characterize the current level of understandings of problems in which many people are interested, and to define needed new lines of inquiry, they are made available here.

Questions provided to students to stimulate their thinking are listed weekly below. These give a general idea of the topics of the essays for that week, though students are free to write about whatever they happened to have on their minds. Clicking on any question will take you to all of the essays contributed for that week. Essays from 1996 are also available.

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