Biology 202
Neurobiology and Behavior
Spring 2007

Third Web Papers

AKyanControlling Our Internal Alarm Clocks: the Mind, the Brain, and the End of Jet Lag
AnnaMThe Worst Disease You Can Get: Fatal Familial Insomnia and the I-Function
Antonia JNarcolepsy
AriannahMSAD-Seasonal Affective Disorder
Stacy BlecherDoes the G-Spot really Exist?
Rachel BradyDistortions of Body Image
Claire CerianiThe Mask of Wisdom
Anisha ChirmuleCan It Ever Be Too Much? The effects of epinephrine on the brain
csandrinic Mathematical Truth?
edenLanguage and Development: You Say "Potato," I Sign, (Potato)
eshusterChocolate: Can you Finish the Puzzle?
Darlene FordeControlled Breathing: a bridge from the I-function to the unconscious?
dmckeeverFood Cravings - Compulsion or Choice
francescamarangelWhat Controls our Dreams?
Karen GinsburgWhy Can't we Tickle Ourselves?
Alex HansenInsomnia
Sarah HardingNature vs. Nurture: A Continuing Debate
Heather F.Math and Mind: The Philosophy and Neurobiology of Mathematics
Steph HeroldThe Brain on Chocolate: The Possible Medical Potential of Chocolate
Shayna IsraelWhy, I Say, White People CanŐt Dance (And, Yes, It has to Do with Race/Culture/Rhythm, Appreciation, & Respect)
JaymElaineThe Sixth Sense
jpenaAnxiety Disorder and Perceptions of Reality
Kristin JenkinsBut Would You Rather Die Than Give A Speech??
katherineThe Origins of ADD
Liz SThinking Positively ...about this paper
ljusewiczhThe Puzzle of Tourette's
lrifkinThe Perception of Pain: Understanding Fibromyalgia
Cayla McNallyHave We Been Here Before?: DŽjˆ Vu and its Implications on the Brain
Alexandra MnuskinDŽjˆ Vu All Over Again
Ian MortonThe Storyteller: An Examination of Self-Consciousness and The Role of Language
Kathleen Myers"Meditation and Neurobiology: Our Urgent Need for a "First Person" Science
Rebecca PisciottaEye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy: The Unseen Role of the Body in Mental Processes
Sarah PowersSmell: The Sense Responsible for the Miracle of Life
PleiadesWe think beautiful people are better at everythingÉbut are they? You may be surprised by the answer
SashaMind Reading
secaldweWhat's Love Got To Do With It?
Meera SethFact or Fiction?: A Look at Cryonics
Kate SheridanA Fourth Spatial Dimension and its Implications on Perception
LSDrug of Choice: Food
Molly TamulevichLiving on the Borderline
Leigh UrbschatYou Are Getting Sleepy: The Pros and Cons of Hypnosis
Emilie WlodaverHow deadly is sleep deprivation?
Caroline WrightWhy Have There Been No Great Women Artists? An Art Historical Question from a Neurobiological Perspective
Jessica WurtzHypersexuality and Neurological Disease

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