Biology 202
Neurobiology and Behavior
Spring 2007

Second Web Papers

(as of 25 April)

AKyanSensory Overload or Synesthesia?
alexa09 Haha, heeheeehee, hohoho
AnnaMPerpetual, Shifting Jet Let: Non-24-Hour Sleep-Wake Syndrom
Antonia JMusic and Emotional Responses in the Brain
AriannahMSleeping to Dream
Stacy BlecherLet Food Be Your Medicine
Rachel BradyA Stroke of Creativity
Claire CerianiA Rhapsody of Words
Anisha ChirmuleTransgenderism
clinManic Depression Beautiful?
csandrinic When is a Color Not a Color?
James DamascusNeurobiological Links Between Stress and Depression
edenCan Your Personality Go The Way of the Dinosaurs?
eshusterPlacebo Effect: Is it a Placebo?
Darlene FordeNominal Aphasia: Problems in Name Retrieval
dmckeeverWhy Does Pain Tolerance Differ Among People?
francescamarangelMeditation: The Brain's Treadmill
Karen GinsburgFood for Thought: Is Sugar Addictive?
Alex HansenThe Color of Vision
Sarah HardingYour Pheromones are So Hot: A Study of Sexual Attraction
Heather F.On Hearing: What have technology and white noise done to us?
Steph HeroldIs G-d a Figment of the Human Imagination?
Shayna IsraelThe Power of Suggestion: A Discussion of Hypnosis & Hegemony
JaymElaineObesity and Weight Control: A Disability or a Variation?
jpenaADHD: Learning Disability or Learning Difference
Kristin JenkinsAdderall: College Students' Best Friend -- Or Worst Enemy??
katherineThe Impact of Computer Use on Children's Neurological Development
Liz SThe Biology of Anorexia Nervosa
ljusewiczhGod in the Brain
lrifkinGreat Expectations: The Effects of Neuroscience on the American Legal System
Cayla McNallyThis Is Your Brain on Porn: Pornography Addiction, Society, and the Brain
Alexandra MnuskinDo the Senses Make Sense?
Ian MortonBlindsight: The Reality That Isn't "There"
Kathleen Myers"...To Be Abstracted From the World": The Function of Dreaming
Rebecca PisciottaThe Subjective Nature of Reality and its Pervasiveness in the Human Experience: Contributions from Diverse Fields of Thought
Sarah PowersYour Brain: The Other Sex Organ
PleiadesHow we are being influenced without even knowing: Unconscious integration of external stimuli
Lauren PoonI-Function with Circadian Rhythms
SashaThe I-pod Brain: Musical Hallucinations
secaldweNeurons A-Fire: The Key to Human Sexual Attraction?
Meera SethWhat's So Funny 'Bout Peace, Love and Understanding: Meditation's Effect on the Brain
Kate SheridanImplications of the Transsexual Identity
LSGenerative Dreading
Holly StewartThe Evolution of Belief
Molly TamulevichOh cruel world: the evolution of cruelty in human beings
Leigh UrbschatColor Blind: Who's to Say?
Emilie WlodaverA Brief History of Psychosurgery
Caroline WrightWhen Memory Has a Mind of It's Own
Jessica WurtzPain on the Brain

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