Biology 202
Neurobiology and Behavior
Spring 2007

First Web Papers

AKyanStrength Train the Brain with Meditation
alexa09 To Dream or Not to Dream; Do people Have a Choice without the Right Equipment?
AnnaMAutism: Is a "Cure" Necessary?
Antonia JPsychopathy and the Brain
AriannahMThe Prenatal Causes of Schizophrenia
Stacy BlecherThe Body's Natural Painkillers
Rachel BradyAffect and Neural Development
Claire CerianiI'm Not Drunk, I Have Ataxia
Anisha ChirmuleThe Influence of Music on Neurons
clinAddiction a Brain Disease or Moral Condition?
csandrinic Rehabilitation and Regeneration- Effectiveness in Treatments of Spinal Cord Injury
James DamascusChronic Back Pain: Medical and Alternative Approaches
edenI, Robot: In this Age of Advancing Technology, The Gap between Man and GigaPet Gradually Narrows
eshusterAre We Internet Addicts?
Darlene FordeAn Untraditional Look at Essential Oils and the Nervous System: Beyond Olfaction
dmckeeverAddiction: A Disease?
francescamarangelPlacebos and the Mind Body Relationship
Karen GinsburgA Brain Scan One Step Closer to Reading Minds
Alex HansenThe Psychedelic Brain
Sarah HardingMirror Neurons and Autism
Heather F.OCD and Treatments Concerning Neural Connections
Steph HeroldWhat's Sex Got to Do With It?: Women and the Myth of a Higher Risk of Depression
Shayna IsraelREMIX: Analysis of Drills & Charismatic Acts on Sexual Behavior
JaymElaine"No Pain, No Gain": Congenital Analgesia, Its Causes, and Its Relations to the Input/Output Theory
jpenaAddiction, Choice, and the I-function
Kristin JenkinsDepression and the Seasons
katherineAutism and Music Therapy
Liz S"I Aim to Please" - The Extent of the Placebo Effect
ljusewiczhSchizophrenia - A Disease of Risk
lrifkin"I'll Kiss It and Make It Feel Better:" Behavior Modification Through Biofeedback
michelleControlling Behavior Through Hypnosis
Cayla McNallyPostpartum Psychosis: An Unknown Affliction
Alexandra MnuskinI Dream, Therefore I Am: Hypnagogia and the Brain
Ian MortonThe Cells of Social Consciousness
Kathleen MyersNear Death Experiences: Transcendental Apprehension or Cognitive Mayhem?
Rebecca PisciottaFree Will and the Readiness Potential
Sarah PowersAssigning Cause, Seeking Treatment: Autism Spectrum Disorders
PleiadesBrain=Body: The Internal Stimulus Regulating Center
Lauren PoonFish and Brain Food
Sasha"Colorless Green Ideas"- The Phenomenon of Language
secaldwePleasure After Pain?
Meera SethMonkey Business: Can Science Explain Our Celebrity Obsession?
Kate SheridanThings that Go Bump in the Night: The Disorder of Sleepwalking
Meredith SissonMystical Maters of the Mind
LSAphasia: The Result of Broken Cables in the Brain
Holly StewartTime, An Intrinsic Human Phenomenon
Molly TamulevichThe Brain Contains the Sky...and the Whole Universe
urbrainondrugsHow Do We Lie
Leigh UrbschatSynesthesia: Blending Senses
Emilie WlodaverThe Demonstration of the Rewarding Effects of Opiates on Rats
Caroline WrightMemory, Sleep, and the Modern Student
Jessica WurtzSeeing without Sight

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