Biology 202
2005 Second Web Reports
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Neurobiology and Behavior, 2005

Students were expected, in lieu of a midterm examination, to select a topic of interest to them and write a short paper based on exploration of materials available on the web. As elsewhere on Serendip, these are intended not as the final word on any topic but rather as expressions of the interests and perspectives of individuals and as windows to available information and perspectives available elsewhere.

Catherine BarieLevels of Awareness and the Damaged Human Brain
Leslie BentzA Lack of Inherent Motor Symphonies in Rett Syndrome Sufferers: Is it plausible?
Liz BitlerDementia and the Implications of Resulting Altered Neurophysiology on the Concepts of Reality and the Self
Beverly BurgessLanguage Acquisition and Retention
Katherine ChengConfessions of a Teenage Mind
Camilla CullerFunctional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI): Much Ado About What?
Amanda DavisSeeing With Our Brains
Erin DeterdingAlzheimer's Disease
Elizabeth DiamondA Neurobiological Basis for Art, or How our Mistakes Demonstrate the Workings of the Visual Brain
Lauren DockeryChanging Areas of the Brain to Combat Dyslexia
Bridget DolphinMy Brother's Corruption
Kristin GiamancoExuberance: The Passion for Life by Kay Redfield Jamison
Kara GillichThe Limitations of Testing, and the Million Dollar Challenge
Georgia GriffinDissociative Fugue and the Conscious/Unconscious Chasm
Ayumi Hosodasleep and dreams, important?
Student ContributorThe Mad Gene: Creativity and Mental Illness
Amy JohnsonSeasonal Depression
Amelia JordanInsomnia
Nadia KhanHallucinations: What happened to external stimuli?
Shu-Zhen KuangHunger and Obesity: Are We Really Hungry?
Xuan-Shi, LimTelevision: A Weapon of Mind Destruction?
Christine LipumaIt Makes Me Want to Pull My Hair Out!
Student ContributorCan Sex Cure Insomnia???
Sophia LouisInterrupted Nerve Fibers and Multiple Sclerosis
Kate MatneyAcupuncture; A Frontier for Investigating Neurobiology and the Interconnectedness of Body Systems
MK McGovernThe Effects of Exercise on the Brain
Flicka MichaelsLambert-Eaton Myasthenic Syndrome
Rhianon PriceHuman Mother-Infant Bonds
Elizabeth RickenbacherA New Threshold?
Jenna RosaniaLead Poisoning, Delinquency, and Mitigation of Criminal Culpability
Sofya SafroShyness vs. Social Phobia: Where do we draw the line?
Yinnette SanoMemory Loss and Memento
Joanna ScottMore Than a Cup of Joe: Clinical Implications for the Neurobiology of Caffeine
Jasmine ShafaghThe Importance of Engaging in Active Learning
Imran SiddiquiThe Function of the Effects of Risk Reward on Dopamine
Alfredo SklarObesity: Science and Society
Sarah SniezekWhy does pain differ in Males and Females?
Samantha Thomson"Ultimate Reality and a Closer Look at Magnetoreception"
Anna TomasuloThe Validity of Repressed Memory and Sexual Abuse
Emily TrinhGene Therapy and Brain Tumor
Amy VendittaDeos Selplnig Ralely Mtetar? (Does Spelling Really Matter?)
Patrick WetherilleRemembering Repressed Memories
Sae YoonWilliams Syndrome: A Blessing and a Curse

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