Biology 202
Neurobiology and Behavior
Spring 2005

Of frogs and humans .... and birds

The human brain is a frog brain surrounded by neocortex with which it is reciprocally linked

The avian brain ... and the problem of defining "boxes"

"It was useful to read your posting about not believing in stories, and the necessity of not believing in them so as to continue to engage in the process of exploration, of growth ... Xuan-Shi Lim

We believe that names have a powerful influence on the experiments we do and the way in which we think. For this reason, and in the light of new evidence about the function and evolution of the vertebrate brain, an international consortium of neuroscientists has reconsidered the traditional, 100-year-old terminology that is used to describe the avian cerebrum ... Avian Brain Nomenclature Association

Finer grain organization of mammalian "neocortex"

Minds of Their Own: Birds Gain Respect, NY Times, Science Times, 1 February 2005

"Birdbrain" No Longer Means "Stupid" Asserts Scientific Consortium,, 31 January 2004

Avian Brains and a New Understanding of Vertebrate Brain Evolution, Nature Reviews Neuroscience 6: 151-159

Figure 1

The brain, from an avian perspective

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