Biology 202
2004 Second Web Reports
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Neurobiology and Behavior, 2004

Students were expected to select a topic of interest to them and write a short paper based on exploration of materials available on the web. As elsewhere on Serendip, these are intended not as the final word on any topic but rather as expressions of the interests and perspectives of individuals and as windows to available information and perspectives available elsewhere.

Dana Bakalar Artificial Intelligence: Is Data Really 'Fully Functional'?
Shadia Bel Hamdounia Fact--or Fantasy? The Truth Behind Munchausen Syndrome
Emma Berdan Munchausen By Proxy
Millicent Bond Forget About It: The Quest to Forget Bad Memories
Allison Bruce An Ethical Minefield: Stem Cells
Sarah Caldwell Behavioral Response to Smell: the answer may be under our nose
Bradley Corr The Psychometric Approach to Intelligence: How Smart am I?
Kristen Coveleskie Laughter: The Glue of Humanity?
MaryBeth Curtiss Synethesia and the Human Brain: Questions Answered and Questions Raised
Prachi Dave The Implications of Bilinguality and Bilingual Aphasia
Chevon Deputy In the Mind of a Serial Killer
Lindsey Dolich Monkey See, Monkey Do?
Akudo Ejelonu Un-Full House: The Story Of Amnesic Syndrome
Michael Fichman Falling Down- Multiple Sclerosis, Proprioception and Reafferent Feedback
Allison Galea Hypnotism: Entertainment or Science?
Amy Gao The Effects of Methamphetamine on the Brain
Amanda Glendinning Angsty Teenage Depression
Erica Graham Fibromyalgia, Pain and What It Means
Emily Hayes-Rowan Right Brain, Wrong Body
Eleni Kardaras The Oracle at Delphi
Ginger Kelly The Punch behind the Peck: A Behavioral and Physiological Analysis of the Kiss
Kimberley Knudson Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Hypnosis
Aiham Korbage Health: Mind and Society II
Katina Krasnec Creutzfeldt-Jakob's Disease - The Misunderstood Disease
Natalie Merrill Psychological Components of Chronic Pain
Hannah Messkoub Shifting Realities through Vipassana Meditation
Erin Okazaki Would you like fries with that?
amar patel Genetic basis for Violence
Elizabeth Powell Alcohol and Impulse Control
Shirley Ramirez Cocaine Addiction
Maria Scott-Wittenborn Technology and the Written Word
Elissa Seto Not Just the Baby Blues: The Tragedy of Andrea Yates
Mridula Shankar Mind Over Body: Studying the Placebo Effect
Student Contributor Schizophrenia
Mariya Simakova SSRI's: Successes and Questions
Ariel Singer On Heroin
Jennifer Stundon Parsomnias & the I-function
Geetanjali Vaidya Music, Emotion and the Brain
Nicole Wood Tourette's Syndrome and Education
Jean Yanolatos Principles of Neurological Signaling
Debbie Yi Are you being brainwashed by Muzak?
Ghazal Zekavat What is the Function of Dreaming?

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