Biology 202
Neurobiology and Behavior
Spring 2003

Web Paper Assignment

Start with something you're interested in, "surf", don't be afraid to get away from your initial question. Learn something.

Poke around enough to evaluate whether what you've learned is "mainstream" or "controversial", and know why.

Once you've learned something, figure out what the question is which what you've learned is the answer to.

Start paper with an assertion or question, organize presented information in relation to assertion/question, bring it together in conclusion in relation to introduction.

Try and get beyond giving "report" of what you've found. Be critical, think about connections to other things, worry about what YOU think/understand/wonder about. Is fine to end with new questions that new understanding raises.

Enjoy, learn from the "web paper" aspect of the assignment, rather than thinking of it as an additional burden. Do things a new way, rather than the old way with an extra obligation.

Be sure to include "additional information" in your web reference list, such as who/what is responsible for the path you're linking to. Use the title of the page as the link (see instructions).

Check your html document using a web browser (see instructions).

Re grades:

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