Biology 202
Neurobiology and Behavior
Spring 2003


The list below includes a number of articles which relate specifically to successive sections of the course as outlined in the Lecture Schedule. These articles are available on reserve in Canaday Library Following this is an alphabetical list of additional, more recent relevant articles which are not on reserve but are, in some cases, available on-line from Scientific American.


Bentley, D. and Hoy, R. The neurobiology of cricket song. May, 1974.
Stevens, C.F. The neuron. September, 1979.
Iverson, L.L. The chemistry of the brain. September, 1979.
Bloom, F.E. Neuropeptides. October, 1981.
Nauta, W.J.H. and Feirtag, M. The organization of the brain. September, 1979.

Output processing

Merton, P.A. How we control the contraction of our muscles. May, 1972.
Wilson, D.M. The flight control system of the locust. May, 1968.
Pearson, The control of walking. December, 1976.
Bizzi, E. The coordination of eye-head movement. October, 1974.
Heller, H.C., Crawshaw, L.I., and Hammel, H.T. The thermostat of vertebrate animals. August, 1978.
Evarts, E.V. Brain mechanisms of movement. September, 1979.
Melzack, R. Phantom limbs. April, 1992

Input processing

Ratliff, F. Color and contrast. June, 1972.
Michael, C.R. Retinal processing of visual images. May, 1969.
Hubel, D.H. and Wiesel, T.N. Brain mechanisms of vision. September, 1979.
Pettigrew, J.D. The neurophysiology of binocular vision. August, 1972.
Rushton, W.A.H. Visual pigments and color blindness. March, 1975.
Land, E.H. The retinex theory of color vision. December, 1977.
Ramachandran, V.S. Perceiving shape from shading. August, 1988.
Treisman, A. Features and objects in visual processing. November, 1986.
Ramachandran, V.S. Blind spots. May, 1992.
Freeman, W.J. The physiology of perception. February, 1992.

The sensorimotor interface - Directed movement

Ewert, J.-P. The neural basis of visually guided behavior. March, 1974.
Brownell, P.H. Prey detection by the sand scorpion. December, 1984.
Shettleworth, S.J. Memory in food-hoarding birds. March, 1983.

Modulation and internal drive

Wurtz, R.H., Goldberg, M.E. and Robinson, D.L. Brain mechanisms of visual attention. June, 1982.
Lent, C.M, and Dickinson, M.H. The neurobiology of feeding in leeches. June, 1988.
Jouvet, M. The states of sleep. February, 1967.
Gwinner, E. Internal rhythms in bird migration. April, 1986.
McEwen, B.S. Interactions between hormones and nerve tissue. July, 1976.
Kety, S.S. Disorders of the human brain. September, 1979.
Wurtman, R.J, and Wurtman, J.J. Carbohydrates and depression. January, 1989.

Nested interface systems

Jerison, H.J. Paleoneurology and the evolution of mind. January, 1976.
Cooper, L.A. and Shepher, R.N. Turning something over in the mind. December, 1984.
Gazzaniga, M. The split brain in man. August, 1967.
Mattley, M.T. Slips of the tongue. September, 1985.
Morrson, A.R. A window on the sleeping brain. April, 1983.
Luria, A.R. The functional organization of the brain. March, 1970.
Geshwind, N. Specializations of the human brain. September, 1979.
Weiss, J. Unconscious mental functioning. March, 1990.

Genesis of neural function and behavior

Sperry, R.W. The eye and the brain. May, 1956.
Bickerton, D. Creole languages. July, 1983.
Cowan, W.M. The development of the brain. September, 1979.
Kandel, E.R. Small systems of neurons. September, 1979.
Routenberg, A. The reward system of the brain. November, 1978.
Gould, J.L. and Marler, P. Learning by instinct. January, 1987.
Mishkin, M. and Appenzeller, T. The anatomy of memory. June, 1987.

Additional more recent articles (not on reserve)

Barkley, R.A. Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder. Sept. 1998
Beardsley. T. The machinery of thought. Aug. 1997
Brown, J.L. and Pollitt, E. How malnutritioon affects intellectual development. Feb. 1996
Brown, W.A. The placebo effect. Jan. 1998
Carlson, S., Artificial life: boids of a feather flock together. Jan, 2000
Casti, J.L. Confronting science's logical limits. Oct. 1996
Copeland, B.J. and Proudfoot, D. Alan Turing's forgotten ideas in computer science. April, 1999
Damasio, A.R. How the brain creates the mind. Dec, 1999.
Damon, W. The moral development of children. Aug, 1999
Dawson, J.W.Jr. Godel and the limits of logic. June, 1999
Dugastin, L.A. and Godin. J.-G. J. How females choose their mates. April, 1998
Gibbs. W.W. Gaining on fat. Aug. 1996
Gazzaniga, M.S. The split brain revisited. July, 1998
Grillner, S. Neural networks in vertebrate locomotion. Jan. 1996
Horgan, J. Why Freud isn't dead. Dec. 1996
Kearney, J.T. Training the Olympic athlete June 1996
Kempermann, G. and Gage, F.H. New nerve cells for the adult brain. May, 1999
Kennedy, J.M. How the blind draw. Jan. 1997.
Kleinman, A. and Cohen, A. Psychiatry's global challenge. March, 1997
Lenhoff, H.M., Wang, P.P., Greenberg, R., and Bellugi, U. Williams Syndrome and the brain. Dec. 1997
Loftus, E.F. Creating false memories. Sept. 1997
Logothetis, N.K. Vision: a window on consciousness. Nov, 1999
Losick, R. and Kaiser, D. Why and how bacteria communicate. Feb. 1997
Lusted, H.S. and Knapp, R.B. Controlling computers with neural signals Oct. 1996
McDonald, J.W. Repairing the damaged spinal cord. Sept, 1999
Myers, D.G. and Diener, E. The pursuit of happiness. May 1996.
Nemeroff, C.B. The neurobiology of depression. June, 1998.
Scott, J.D. and Pawson, T, Cell communication: the inside story. June, 2000
Plomin, R. and DeFries, J.C. The genetics of cognitive abilities and disabilities. May, 1998
Science and the Citizen. Side-splitting. January, 2001.
Shaywitz, S.E. Dyslexia. Nov. 1996
Siegel, J.M. Narcolepsy. Jan, 2000
St.George-Hyslop, Peter H., Piecing together Alzheimer's. Dec, 2000
Tsien, Joe Z., Building a brainier mouse. April, 2000
de Waal, Frans B.M. The end of nature versus nurture. Dec, 1999
Webb, Barbara. A cricket robot. Dec. 1996
Youdim, M.B.H. and Riederer. Understanding Parkinson's disease. Jan. 1997
Zill, S.N. and Seyfarth, E. Exoskeletal sensors for walking. July 1996

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