Biology 202
2000 Third Web Reports
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Neurobiology and Behavior, 2000

Students were expected, in lieu of a midterm examination, to select a topic of interest to them and write a short paper based on exploration of materials available on the web. As elsewhere on Serendip, these are intended not as the final word on any topic but rather as expressions of the interests and perspectives of individuals and as windows to available information and perspectives available elsewhere.

Hajira Amjad Usage of Ritalin in Treatment of Disruptive Behavior Disorders
Anna Arnaudo Hypnosis: Are you really getting sleepy?
Elissa Braitman Melancholia
Cameron Braswell Ecstacy: Toxic Behavior
Laura Chivers Blindsight and Consciousness
Richard CruzNarcolepsy: The "I-Function and Current Research
Laurel Edmundson How We Cope (or don't cope) with Stress
Andrew B. Hollander Circadian Rhythms
Shigeyuki Ito SLEEPˇ.zzzˇ.zzzˇ Sleepiness and Dreams
Sangeeta IyerThe Immune System's Big Mistake: Multiple Sclerosis
Andrew Jordan Reification and Hallucination
Vandana Mathrani Multiple Sclerosis An Autoimmune Disease of the Central Nervous System
Ann Mitchell The Role of Corollary Discharge in Schizophrenia
Anjali Patel Effects of Caffeine on the Body
Christina Pili Barfogenesis : Does Virtual Reality Make You Sick?
Yu-Wen Shaw Hypnagogia: A Bridge to Other Realities
Mridula Shrestha The Ever Elusive "I"
Hiro Takahashi Another Explanation for Hallucination during Sleep Paralysis: Mismatch between Brain's Expectation and Sensory Input
Maria Vasiliadis Who Can Fill the Holes in the Brain? Estrogen and Alzheimer's Disease
Melissa Wachterman Why No "Unipolar Mania" Listing in DSM-IV?
Stephanie Wall How Real Is Our Reality?
Jennifer Webster Addiction and the Reward Circuit
Sooyoun Yi It's All In Your Head

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