Biology 202
Spring, 2000

Course Evaluation

Biology 202 is intended, like the brain itself, to be constantly evolving based on experience, and your thoughts, both positive and critical, are an important part of that process. The questions below are intended to provide me more specific information about your experiences with particular aspects of the course to supplement the general evaluation you provided on the College course evaluation form. Please answer the following questions and turn in this form when you turn in your final paper. To preserve anonymity, there will be two boxes outside my office, one for your final paper and one for this form, which does not ask for your name.

You took the course as a (circle all that apply)

For you, this course (circle all that apply)

Overall, the course was (circle all that apply)

The course is more concerned with collectively exploring the issue of how to ask and answer questions about brain and behavior than it is with having the instructor convey the maximum amount of information about questions asked and answered by research to date. Do you feel well or ill-served by this approach?



The course encourages active individual exploration of other sources of information and perspectives rather than assigning class readings. Do you feel well or ill-served by this approach?



The course involves three web papers on topics of individual interest rather than examinations on materials covered in class and readings. Do you feel well or ill-served by this approach?



The course also required weekly participation in an on-line forum. Was this aspect of the course valuable or not valuable to you?



What was, for you, the most succcessful aspect of the course? the least successful?



If you have any other thoughts, criticisms, and/or uggestions, please provide them on the reverse. May thanks for your input.

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