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Lateral Inhibition Simulator

Currently under construction (5/12/1997).
By Paul Grobstein and Bogdan Butoi, applet by Bogdan Butoi

This simulator is designed to allow you to explore some of the phenomena described in Tricks of the Eye, Wisdom of the Brain. The input corresponds to a two-dimensional array of photoreceptors, and the output to the associated array of ganglion cells. The brightness of elements in the input array represents light intensity on each photoreceptor. To determine the resulting distribution of ganglion cell activity, click on "compute output". In the output array, black correspond to low levels of activity and white to high levels of activity. You can create your own input pattern by using the slider at the bottom to set values for input elements which you click on. You can also look at the output for several different kinds of input patterns using the buttons and associated sliders below the input and output arrays. The upper slider varies the intensity of a uniform field. The middle slider varies the intensity of a constant contrast border, and the lower slider allows you to vary the contrast across a border. You can also look at the outputs for grey squares on different intensity backgrounds, for an intensity gradient, and for a border mixed with an intensity gradient. Once you have computed an output, clicking on any output element will show you to numerical value for activity in that output element.

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