An Evolving Web Resource List

"Free will" (and its associated concepts of "freedom of choice" and "personal responsibility"), once the near exclusive province of religion and philosophy, are increasingly matters of legal, scientific, and concrete practical concern. They are also matters central to both the evolution and the theoretical inquiries of Serendip. The following is a serendipish sampling of web materials relevant to further exploration of the meaning and significance of "free will". Suggestions for useful additions to this list are welcome, and should be sent to

Research Sources on Concepts of Person and Self, from Shaun Callanger, Canisius College

Free will, from The Catholic Encyclopedia

Free will, from the Skeptic's Dictionary

Free Will and Genetic Determinism, by P.S. Greenspan, University of Maryland

Lectures Notes on Free Will and Determinism, from Norman Swartz, Simon Fraser University

PT, Free Will, Determinism, and Moral Accountability, resources from the Proto-Thinker project, "an interdisciplinary, student-faculty research and curriculum project in cognitive science" at Illinois State University

Free Will, thoughts of a Swedish humanist (and pharmacy student), with interesting links to other resources from here and his home page.

Ability, Practical Reason, and Free Will Thoughts about the necessity of free will in the context of robotics/artificial intelligence, from John McCarthy, Computer Science, Stanford University

Free will, from Quotes to Inspire You

The Wonderful Gift of Free Will, from Jehovah's Witnesses Watchtower

Correcting Sentimentalist Free Will, by P.S. Greenspan, University of Maryland

Free Will and the Deities in Hinduism, by Satguru

Froggy Free Will?, originally from Mad or Rad at

The Free Will Problem, interactive from Serendip

Variability in Brain Function and Behavior, a neurobiological way into the free will issue, by Paul Grobstein, Bryn Mawr College