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"Keep Me Posted" list for 04-12-2005

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New Postings in Forum "Psychoanalysis and Neuroscience" - 1 new postings
psychoanalysis and neuroscience

New Postings in Forum "Brain Matters" - 1 new postings
Arnold Chiari Malformation

New Postings in Forum "Story of Evolution/Evolution of Stories 05" - 4 new postings
Gender and Time Ambiguity
No subject

New Postings in Forum "Beauty: A Course and a Conversation" - 9 new postings
No subject
1's and 0's
Gebara's one page arguement was more convincing then Scarry's Endless Tirade
No subject
One and the Same
Truthful Beauty?
Interesting quote about justice
increasing the amount of beauty in the world....?
No subject

New Postings in Forum "Neurobiology and Behavior 2003" - 1 new postings
the brain is that all their is

New Postings in Forum "Biology 202 spring 2005" - 8 new postings
why do we need one reality?
"I-function" and consciousness
Collective Reality And The I-Function
True Reality
Reality and the I Function
underlying "real" reality

New Postings in Forum "Women Living Well 2005 - Group A" - 2 new postings
Week 4 Mimi Murray
Nutrition and mindfulness

New Postings in Forum "Women Living Well 2005 - Group B" - 4 new postings
Week 4 Mimi Murray
No subject
No subject
No subject

New Postings in Forum "Women Living Well 2005 - Group C" - 3 new postings
Week 4 Mimi Murray
Nutrition and Balance
Mindful Eating

New Postings in Forum "Grad Idea 2004/2005" - 1 new postings
thanks for fellow-traveling

New Postings in Forum "Brown Bag 2004 - 2005" - 1 new postings
From singing to punning...

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