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"Keep Me Posted" list for 01-29-2005

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New Postings in Forum "Story of Evolution/Evolution of Stories 05" - 2 new postings
Mayr's ideas on "truth"
novel vs. science text

New Postings in Forum "Beauty: A Course and a Conversation" - 2 new postings
"Seeing is something which must be learned"
My Experience of The Barnes Foundation

New Postings in Forum "Biology 202 2004" - 1 new postings
sense of self in the brain

New Postings in Forum "Biology 202 spring 2005" - 4 new postings
Thursday's class
free will?
Social Constructs
Neurons, the Brain and behavior

New Postings in Forum "Women Sport and Film - Spring 2005" - 1 new postings
The lack of women coaches; females in a sports economy

New Postings in Forum "Philosophy of Science 2005" - 1 new postings
week 2

New Postings in Forum "Women Sport and Film - Spring 2005" - 1 new postings
Week 1 Dare To Compete

New Postings in Forum ""I am, and I think, therefore ... "" - 1 new postings
A life of Faith is not without Doubt

New Postings in Forum "Grad Idea 2004/2005" - 1 new postings
We're back to coin-flips!!

New Postings in Forum "Brown Bag 2004 - 2005" - 2 new postings
to the "audience"
addendum, added thought

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