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"Keep Me Posted" list for 09-23-2004

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New Postings in Forum "Brain Matters" - 1 new postings
musics effect on HUMAN memory

New Postings in Forum ""I am, and I think, therefore ... "" - 3 new postings
No subject
safe or not
on another topic ....

New Postings in Forum "K-16 Collaborations in Science/Math Education" - 1 new postings
No subject

New Postings in Forum "Emergent Systems 2004-2005" - 3 new postings
Conscious autamata hypothesis

New Postings in Forum "Knowing the Body: Knowing the World" - 14 new postings
More about children and sex
Foucault post 2 -- applying to Clinton
What is queer?
Language as problematic in relation to the individual
A thought on the domino theory
queer vs gay
tuesday's class post
Silencing Sex Norms
Queer Label Ramble
No subject
RE: our queer queeries
The slippery slope
Foucault and Rubin in relation to the classroom

New Postings in Forum "QIR: Science's Stories" - 7 new postings
Brecht's Galileo
History Repeats
finally I know this Galileo
Looking for a GUT....also, quantum mechanics .....and Hesienberg's uncertainty principle
couple more thoughts
I read a different Galileo
Say what you are Saying

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