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"Keep Me Posted" list for 09-14-2004

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New Postings in Forum "Biology" - 1 new postings
No subject

New Postings in Forum "Testing, Testing: 1, 2, 3" - 3 new postings
response to howdy
new comment
2nd test

New Postings in Forum ""I am, and I think, therefore ... "" - 8 new postings
some more grist for conversation
the usefulness of tension and the privledge of tragedy
the generational dance: freedom and security
where ARE we on "profound skepticism"?
and now for something entirely (?) different ...
Descartes' Blues
another dialogue ...

New Postings in Forum "BMC Diversity Conversations 2004-05" - 1 new postings
"customs" and "traditions"

New Postings in Forum "11 September 2001" - 1 new postings
Create in Bold Defiance

New Postings in Forum "KTB: Thinking (Metaphorically) About the Classroom" - 18 new postings
running the gamut
Verdict Please
metaphors of a class
An International Conference
The Symphony that Could Be
Sailing through open waters
The Jungle
No subject
losing it and finding it
Dance room
Jazz Ensemble
Classroom as Play
a three-ring sales convention
I'll see your metaphor, and raise you...
rowing and musical chairs

New Postings in Forum "QIR: Reading a Picture" - 6 new postings
Thursday assignment
security and freedom
understanding is...
Outside of the box.
The Artist's Understanding
Enjoying, if not understanding

New Postings in Forum "Knowing the Body: The Personal and the Political" - 20 new postings
Readings for Week Two
personal and political
No subject
Political vs Personal Identity
Allowing the personal to be political
Personal and Political
No subject
Sex, Death and Religion
No subject
political personality
No subject
Warner and Me
Political vs. Private Concerning Sexuality and Gender
More thoughts on when the political isn't personal
some (deep) background
No subject
holding the self (more?) lightly
the political is personal
No subject

New Postings in Forum "Graduate Idea Forum 2004/2004" - 3 new postings
a new year
education, change, assessment

New Postings in Forum "Emergent Systems 2004-2005" - 3 new postings
a new year ...
Douglas Adams and emergent perspectives
No subject

New Postings in Forum "QIR: Reading Fairy Tales" - 9 new postings
Reading Fairy Tales
No fairy godmother?
Has the "shoe" become too small for the contemporary woman?
more ways to scare women
I don't like fairy tales
Gag...Woman as victim, not agent. Do we really need stories like this???????
Fairy tales or life?
No subject
truth and character types

New Postings in Forum "Knowing the Body: Knowing the World" - 11 new postings
Making the World Knowable
Jimmy's embodied mind is left behind
Jimmy's categories
Emotional engagement
Jimmy as an Aphasiac
A very angry rant, or an appeal to my fellow classmates
Emotion and Imagination
The graphic novel?
Reply to Chelsea
Before and After Language
Response to Chelsea

New Postings in Forum "Brain and Behavior" - 1 new postings
function of brain hemispheres

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