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"Keep Me Posted" list for 04-09-2003

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New Postings in Forum "Language Working Group" - 1 new postings
More on War-Speak

New Postings in Forum "Emergent Systems" - 4 new postings
Who shoves whom around inside the careenium?
No subject
more definitions
memory != pheromone

New Postings in Forum "The Place of the U.S. in the World Community" - 1 new postings
Language That Makes Us Shiver

New Postings in Forum "Big Books (Little Women)" - 5 new postings
Little Women all grown up
Enjoying what Little Women has to offer
answer to M.
reading little women
No subject

New Postings in Forum "Neurobiology and Behavior 2003" - 13 new postings
the necessity of inhibition
"Like" gender differences
Self-awareness and its limits
"like", conflict, control
No subject
I feel like, I don't know, maybe?
women aren't so stupid, you know
Pleurobranchea: Bad choice for study of choice

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