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Select yes only if this is a special forum for students to submit web papers. This should not be used if you want students to be able to read each other's papers in the forum. If you select "yes" here, it is also recommended that you select "yes" above to make it a private forum. After all papers are submitted to the forum, you will run a special program to move the papers to separate files and generate an index. Please contact Paul Grobstein before using this option.

Be sure to give the full UNIX pathname to the template file (e.g., /www/biology/b103/f01/web1/template.html), and make sure it is readable by the forum group (or by everyone). A sample template is available at /www/forum/newforum/papertext_template.html.
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"Keep Me Posted" is a mailing list that will send readers an email message with links to new postings every night, assuming there are new postings that day. To sign up, users click on the "Keep Me Posted" icon and provide there email address. This option is not available for web paper submission forums.
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