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Welcome to Feminist Curiosity, and....
Name: Anne Dalke
Date: 2004-04-07 15:27:16
Link to this Comment: 9237

Cynthia Enloe's visit to the Philadelphia during the week of March 29-31 was a rich and generative one, @ a wide range of different locations, not all of them college campuses. She spoke at the American Friends Service Committee, as well as at Temple, Saint Joe's, West Chester, the Unversity of Delaware and Haverford College, before "finishing up" with a faculty development workshop @ Bryn Mawr. She had a great deal to teach us all about

But what struck me most was Cynthia's ability to include all of us in the audience (I noticed this first in the public talk she gave @ Haverford, though she demonstrated it as well in the faculty workshop @ BMC afterwards) as recognizers of a larger pattern and makers of a common story. Her hearty "tell us what it was like for you, there," was a generous and welcoming acknowledgement that all of can contribute our experience to two shared projects: both an awareness of larger patterns and the ability to change them. Her belief that we can do so is entirely congruent w/ the aims of this forum (and others on Serendip).

Please join us here w/ your thoughts (initiated by Cynthia or elsewhere/otherwise) about feminism and world citizenship, centers and peripheries, teaching and curiosity...

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