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McBride Community Forum

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welcome to the mcbride community forum!
Name: rona pietr
Date: 2003-08-20 15:53:23
Link to this Comment: 6283

Thanks to Ro Finn for her dedication and hard work in arranging for us to have this forum!

Please help me welcome our new McBrides.

Jennifer Barr C/M 117

Tamiyo Britton C/M 187

Beverly Burgess C/M 198

Virginia Costello C/M 308

Beatrice Johnson C/M 1407

Alicia Jones C/M 952

Kelli Payne C/M 1497

The number after C/M is the campus mailbox #. I've listed both brynmawr and other email addresses because, as you probably remember, it will take a few days before their bmc email adddresses are operative.


Procedures for McBride Board elections -Fall 2003
Name: Ro. Finn
Date: 2003-09-12 06:47:22
Link to this Comment: 6452

Election Procedures for McBride Board Members Fall 2003

The McBride Board is comprised of five to nine members and each is elected to serve a two-year term with the possibility of re-election to an unlimited number of terms. Currently, there are six members:
Laura Munich, President
Gayle DeCoux, Treasurer
Ro. Finn, Secretary
Mel Brickley-Raab, Elections Mistress
JoAnn Townsend
Yvette Goslin

On or about September 9th, the current Board will have met with and invited the entering class of McBride Scholars to nominate and elect one representative to the McBride Board at that time.

On or about September 11th the Elections Mistress will distribute a call for nominees for TWO ADDITIONAL BOARD POSITIONS. All currently enrolled McBride Scholars are eligible to nominate themselves or be nominated for these positions. A call for nominations and instructions for how to nominate will be posted on the McBride bulletin board in the Campus Center, distributed electronically via List Serve ( and posted electronically on the new McBride forum on the Serendip website (URL is You will have five days during which to nominate yourself or another McBride for these openings.

Nominees will then be informed and each will be asked to provide a short statement containing who she is, what class she's in, and why she wishes to be on the Board.

On or about September 22nd the Board will distribute a ballot containing information about all of the eligible nominees. This will be posted on the McBride bulletin board in the Campus Center, distributed electronically via list-serve ( and posted electronically on the new McBride forum on the Serendip website (URL is You will have five days during which to vote. You may vote only once for each of these two positions. Ballots will be accepted via e-mail to a designee (tba) not currently a member of the McBride Board or community. All votes will be kept in strictest confidence. If, for any reason, you would prefer to vote by secret ballot, you may come to the Campus Center, September 25th between 1:30pm and 5:00pm. The Elections Mistress will have a voting table staffed for this purpose. Bring your ID card.
A Community meeting will be held shortly after the close of balloting (logistics tba). At that open meeting, two designees from the McBride community who are not board members or nominees will count and read the final tally to those who attend. List Serve, Seredip forum and Campus Center bulletin board notices will also be posted with the results.
All three new Board members will be invited to attend the first meeting of the Board, tentatively scheduled for October 2nd (logistics tbd).

Form to Nominate McBrides for open Board Positions
Name: Ro. Finn
Date: 2003-09-12 06:49:54
Link to this Comment: 6453

YOU MAY COPY THIS FORM, fill it in and mail electronically or in the Campus Center mail: DEADLINE is SEPTEMBER 16!

Call for Nominees for Two McBride Board Positions

The current McBride Board asks for your assistance in nominating McBride Scholars for TWO open Board positions.

You may nominate yourself and/or any others, as long as the nominees are currently enrolled McBrides (either full-time, part-time or provisional):

Nominee name ________________________________________
Nominee name ________________________________________
Nominee name ________________________________________
Nominee name ________________________________________
Nominee name ________________________________________
Nominee name ________________________________________

Fill in and send this form electronically to:
Mel Brickley-Raab at
Or via campus mail to:
Ro. Finn, mailbox C-147


We look forward to having new members join the board
in support of all McBrides and Dean Pietrzak..

this is great
Name: Susan Ande
Date: 2003-09-12 09:05:41
Link to this Comment: 6456

Thanks to Ro for this site -- what a great idea!
I'm a McBride who is not on campus a lot and I welcome
this opportunity to get to "meet" other McBrides
and hear what their concerns and ideas are.

Susan Anderson

Ro Rocks!
Name: Laura Muni
Date: 2003-09-12 17:17:21
Link to this Comment: 6458

I just want to add my voice to the growing chorus of kudos for Ro Finn. Thanks, Ro for taking the time to set up this forum for our community! And thanks, too, to you early adopters who are already reading and posting to the forum.


New McBride
Name: Alcia Jone
Date: 2003-09-13 23:44:22
Link to this Comment: 6467

Hi McBrides,

I'm one of the new girls on the block and want to say how happy I am to be a fellow McBride. Not only are my new sister McBrides great (the gang of 7), but all of you are also. This definitely feels right and I'm glad to be here. Kudos to all who made this forum possible, especially Ro Finn. And, I must send a special "shout-out" to the world's most special advisor and dean - Rona. Thank you for all that you do for us!

Take care all and enjoy the rest of the weekend (or is that a joke because we are all up on a Saturday night doing school work).

Alicia Jones

Fall 03 McBride Director Workshops Schedule
Name: rona pietr
Date: 2003-09-15 12:50:26
Link to this Comment: 6480

McBride Director's Workshops
Fall 2003
All meetings are 1:30-2:30pm, Tuesdays, except end of semester "chill out" on Thursday, December 11

Tuesday, September 9 -- Election: 1st year representative to McBride Advisory Board: Laura Munich, President, McBride Advisory Board

Tuesday, September 16 Studying a Foreign Language as an Adult:
Professor Janet Doner

Tuesday, September 23 Reading, Studying and Time Management at Bryn Mawr:
Judy Balthazar, Associate Dean

Tuesday, September 30 Meyers-Briggs test: Career Development Office: Liza Bernard, Director, Bi-College Career Development Office

Tuesday, October 7 -- Managing Stress: Reggie Jones, Director,
BMC Counseling Center

Tuesday, October 14 Fall Break: No classes, no director workshop

Tuesday, October 21 -- Lantern Night Preparation: Kate Burn, McBride Traditions Liaison

Tuesday, October 28 -- Nutrition for McBrides: Mimi Murray, BMC-Haverford Nutritionist

Sunday, November 2 -- Lantern Night

Tuesday, November 4 -- Meyers-Briggs Test return and explanation: Liza Bernard, Director, Bi-College Career Development Office

Tuesday, November 11 To be announced

Tuesday, November 18 Major considerations: McBride Student Panel

Tuesday, November 25 -- Taking stock: Rona Pietrzak

Thursday, November 28 Thanksgiving

Tuesday, December 2 -- Preparing for final exams: McBride Student Panel

Thursday, December 11 -- Semester Wrap-Up: End of Semester Chill-Out, with refreshments

Name: Ro. Finn
Date: 2003-09-23 06:40:06
Link to this Comment: 6580

To All Current McBrides:



The following qualifying McBrides have been nominated as candidates for the McBride board. You are voting to fill TWO OPEN POSITIONS.

YOU MAY VOTE FOR AS MANY AS TWO of these nominees. The two nominees receiving the greatest number of votes will be elected.

I vote for ____ Diane Gibfried
____ Kelly Payne
____ Alicia Jones

Send your ballot to Masha Shardoakova at Masha is a graduate student who currently assists Rona with BMC's Continuing Education Program. She is not a member of the McBride community and has agreed to keep all ballots strictly confidential. A second counter will be designated to tally all of the results.

IF you prefer to vote by secret ballot, come to the Campus Center, THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 25th, between 1:30pm and 5:00pm. At that time, the McBride Elections Mistress will have a table in the main area where you can cast a private paper ballot. PLEASE BRING YOUR BRYN MAWR ID.

The results of this election will be announced at a Community Meeting. Notice of time and place will be sent to all McBrides shortly.

This information has been posted on the Campus Center bulletin board and also sent to you via the McBride List Serve. If you have questions, contact Mel Brickley-Raab at 215 297-0560
or via email at

Thank You!

Last Set of Board By-laws--To Be Revised in Spring
Name: Ro.
Date: 2004-01-15 14:58:25
Link to this Comment: 7608

Here are the latest by-laws in their entirety. I suggest that we discuss and agree on revision drafts a chunk at a time. I propose the following process (process improvement ideas welcomed):

1- We electronically discuss changes/additions/deletions according to the following schedule. At the end of the week, we poll the Board for all changes proposed for that week's chunk. Those that do not pass by unanimous vote will be tabled and revisited at the end of the exercise:
Article I, Section I ---Jan 19 to Jan 31
Article I, Section II ---Feb 1 to Feb 7
Article I, Section III & IV ---Feb 8 to Feb 14
Article II, Section I ---Feb 15 to Feb 21
Article II, Section II, III, & IV---Feb 22 to Feb 28
Article III, Section I & II---Mar 1 to Mar 7

2-We consolidate draft, review wording for all proposals with which we agree, and address tabled proposals (those that did not achieve consensus on first poll) ---Mar 8 to Mar 14

3-We review and agree upon final wording for entire new by-laws --- Mar 15-18

4-The draft by-laws are sent to all McBrides (electronically) for their input, which will be taken via this forum or via email to the board secretary---Mar 18 Mar 25

5-We consider any community suggestions received, amend the draft accordingly, and vote formally to ratify the revised by-laws ---On line or in a board meeting by not later than April 2nd.

On this schedule, it's not a big workload for any one of us (I think). If you think we need to get it done sooner, let's consider that.
Comments on the process?
Comments on the first chunk?


THE CURRENT (1997) By-Laws:
ARTICLE I: The McBride Advisory Board

Section 1: Purpose and Composition
Subsection A: As the elected representatives of the McBride Scholars, the purpose of the McBride Advisory Board is to serve the special Interests of the members of the McBride Scholars Program community, to provide advice and service to the Director of the Program, to act as liaison between the McBride Community and all other groups on campus, and to represent McBrides to the larger community.

Subsection B: Members
1) The Board shall consist of no less than five and no more than nine Members elected to the Board by the McBride Scholars Program community.
2) First?year McBrides will constitute, less than half of, the Board Members.
3) One membership position will be reserved for a First-year McBride; other vacant positions may be filled by First-year McBrides subject to the above limitation.
4) The primary function of Board Members is to participate in Board Meetings.
5) Membership terms are for two years. There are no term limits.

Subsection C: Officers
1) At the first meeting of each academic year, the Board will elect its officers. Officers elected the previous year will continue to be the officers until the election of new officers.
2) The following officers will be elected:
a) President
b) Vice-President
c) Secretary: responsible for writing up minutes of meetings, informing. members of meetings, and for the Board's correspondence
d) Treasurer: responsible for submitting the budget and bills to the SGA
e) Archivist: Responsible for maintaining each year's records and depositing them In the Library's archives at the end of each academic year.
f) Elections Officer
3) In case of resignation by an officer, the Board will elect a replacement officer at its next regular meeting.
4) The offices of Secretary and Archivist may be combined and/or shared with two Members filing each office as determined by the Board at its first meeting of the academic year.
5) Other officer positions may be created as the Board finds necessary.

Section II: Authority
Subsection A: The Board may set both short? and long?term agendas for Itself, and work to accomplish those agenda items.

Subsection B: The Board may make additions and/or changes in its by?laws, subject to ratification by the McBride community.

Subsection C: The Board may make recommendations ratified by the McBride Community to the Faculty and Administration on behalf of the McBride community.

Subsection D: The Board may call a meeting of the entire McBride Community.

Subsection E: The Board may request a meeting with the Director.

Subsection F: The Board may establish new committees.

Subsection G: The Board may establish methods of keeping the McBride Community informed.

Section III: Meeting Procedures
Subsection A: The first Board Meeting of the academic year will follow election of the First-year representative(s) described in Article

Subsection B: The Board will call meetings of the Board no less than once a month.

Subsection C: The Board will call meetings of the entire McBride Community no less than once a month.

Subsection D: The Board will request a meeting with the Director no less than once a month.

Subsection E: Special meetings of the Board may be requested by Board Members, members of the McBride Community, the Director, and/or other members of the Faculty and Administration.

Subsection F: All meetings will be posted on the McBride Bulletin Board.

Subsection G: Any member of the Bryn Mawr Community may request to be heard at a Board Meeting. The Board reserves the right to hold closed meetings to preserve confidentiality and promote the free exchange of ideas.

Subsection H: Any member of the Bryn Mawr Community may refer agenda Items to the Board for discussion.

Section IV: Voting Procedures
Subsection A: Quorums
1) No quorum will be required for any vote at a McBride Community meeting.
2) A simple majority of the Members will constitute a quorum for Board meetings.
3) The Board may determine if any particular Issue requires a special vote, which would require that all Members be In attendance.

Subsection B: Each member of the Board will have one vote. A voting proxy may be given to any Board member by any other Board member who cannot attend a meeting.

Subsection C: Simple Issues may be voted on by Board members by telephone or by e-mail without having a meeting called. However, if one Board member requests a discussion, a meeting must be called.

Subsection D: Motions may be passed by a simple majority.

Subsection E: Voting will ordinarily be by voice. Secret ballot may be requested by any Board Member.


Section I: Election and Appointments Policy
Subsection A: The Board will be responsible for managing the election of positions and offices within the McBride Community, with the exception of the McBride Honor Board representatives and McBride SGA representatives who will be elected through SGA at the same time as the campus-wide student elections. Positions for which the Board will be responsible include new Board Members, McBride Traditions Liaisons, and the McBride representative to the McBride Admissions committee, and any others that come into existence.

Subsection B: The Board will be responsible for seeking volunteers and making appointments for non?elected positions within the McBride Community. Such positions include Coordinators for the Winter Tea and the Graduation Luncheon, and any others that come into existence.

Subsection C: Annual general elections will be held no later than the first Tuesday of May for positions open the following academic year.

Subsection D: Election of First-year McBride representative(s)
1) Election of the First-year representatives will be held at a Community meeting on the third Tuesday of September each academic year.
2) Only First-year McBrides will be eligible to vote In this election.
3) At least one First-year representative will be elected. More may be elected to fill vacancies on the Board, provided their number does not constitute more than half of the Board;

Subsection E: Announcement of impending elections, positions to be filled, and deadlines for nominations will be determined by the Board and posted on the McBride Bulletin Board. Any further distribution of announcements will be at the discretion of the Board.

Subsection F: The need for special elections to fill vacancies will be determined and announced by the Board.

Subsection G: If insufficient nominations are received to create contested elections, the Board will appoint the nominee(s) to the position(s) for which nomination was made, and election for that position will be cancelled.

Subsection II: Eligibility to Vote: All currently enrolled McBride Scholars, fully or provisionally matriculated, are eligible to vote.

Section III: Nominations for Positions
Subsection A: All currently enrolled McBride Scholars, fully or provisionally matriculated, are eligible to nominate themselves for positions.

Subsection B: Nomination Statements of Intent must be delivered to the specified Elections Officer by a previously announced deadline. The Elections Officer will post the nominations on the McBride Bulletin Board by a previously announced date.

Subsection C: All nominees are responsible for ensuring their nominations are posted by the deadline; if a Statement of Intent is missing, the nominee Is solely responsible for notifying the Elections Officer with a copy of the Statement of Intent within seven days of the deadline.

Subsection D: Statements of Intent will not be accepted after the deadline, except In cases of missing statements. No nominations will be accepted or Statements of Intent posted after seven days past the deadline.

Subsection E: The Board reserves the right to extend deadlines in cases of too few nominations, but only for that reason.

Section IV: Election Procedure
Subsection A: The Board is responsible for establishing deadlines for nominations and for setting the dates of elections. Such Information will be posted on the McBride Bulletin Board.

Subsection B: All voting will be done by written ballot.

Subsection C: Voting
1) A election's table with ballots and ballot box will be staffed for two consecutive days In the Campus Center.
2) Anyone who will not be on campus during either of those two days and who wish to cast an absentee ballot must speak with the designated Elections Officer prior to the second election day to arrange for absentee balloting.
3) A Community meeting will immediately follow the end of voting, and two members of the Community who are not Board members will be selected to count the ballots.
4) Results of the election will be posted on the McBride Bulletin Board.
5) Any complaints regarding the election and/or its results must be made to the Board within seven days of the announcement of winners at the Community meeting.

Subsection D: If only one position is contested, the Board may decide to hold the election for that position at a Community meeting, making provision for absentee balloting.

Section V: Persons In Elected or Appointed Positions
Subsection A: Persons elected as Representatives and persons appointed as Coordinators are expected to fulfill the obligations of their positions. Persons elected as Representatives or Coordinators should receive from the Board a written statement of the duties of that position and the requirements of this Section.

Subsection B: If Representative or Coordinator is unable to fulfill her duties, she should submit a written resignation to the Secretary of the Board In as timely a manner as possible. The Board may appoint a replacement until the next regular election.


Section I: The Board will invite the McBride SGA representative(s) to co-chair at least one Community meeting each semester.

Section II: The McBride SGA Representatives and all other McBride Scholars who have been elected or appointed to representative positions have a standing invitation to provide information to the Board, and to request time on the Board's meeting agenda in order to discuss Items of concern to the McBride Community.

Hi McBrides
Date: 2005-09-29 14:57:30
Link to this Comment: 16379

I have just been thinking about what it feels like to be a senior.
I have to say that it feels a bit like the WORLD is looking over the lovely walls of Bryn Mawr and saying, "WELLLLLL?????"
And that perhaps it feels also like the community sees you as a bit of a fading vision... "Oh Diane, She'll be evaporating soon."
Then there's the family question which I fielded for about four good years ... and what are you going to DO with a bachelor's degree in psychology?
Exciting and challenging things happen. These are the same things that kind of STRETCH you... AGAIN.
I have been to resume meetings and how to write an essay for grad school meetings. There will maybe be interview meetings.. and who knows what else. And then there is that thesis thing.
I guess I am just putting this out there .. because ______ loves company (fill in whatever you like).
Anybody else experiencing "separation anxiety"? Any other senior McBrides out there who want to talk about it? Or even junior and sophomore and freshman McBrides, who just like to worry. I know that in the past folks have not hung out on the forum, so if I don't get a response I will probably write this on the campus center bathroom wall. Or you can find me on Lantern Night (on the senior steps).


A McBride forum!
Name: Beth Zacha
Date: 2005-09-29 19:55:58
Link to this Comment: 16384

I'm delighted we have this space to communicate. I haven't met all the other McBrides, as I'm returning to the program after a long gap.

Diane, I really enjoyed your post about senior angst. It's a problem I only aspire to for now, but keep talking!

If anyone can point me towards any tips on the intended use of this forum, I would appreciate it! :)

Beth Zachai

Date: 2005-09-29 20:29:05
Link to this Comment: 16385

Diane, Diane....I'm so proud! She's my "little sister" or "McBride buddy" -- whatever we call them these days. I remember when you were a young whippersnapper, still wet behind the ears... and soon you will graduate. You give me hope. My big event for this year is that I am taking the swim test on Monday night and I AM GOING TO PASS. I have not totally conquered my fear of the water, but I can thrash around for 10 minutes, thanks to a wonderful undergrad named Ella who held my hand (literally) for three weeks and coached me. A small achievement compared to thesis and graduation, but I'm sloggin' along.

Susan Anderson

Date: 2005-09-30 06:07:15
Link to this Comment: 16388

Hi Beth! Nice to hear from you. Hope we meet in person soon. The first year of McBrideness is exciting and also stretches you. I hope you are enjoying it. It will be great to meet other McBrides at the tea.
Hi Susan. You are a great buddy. I do remember that you were my buddy and most helpful. Now that you mention "swim test". What do you think of that requirement?

I personally enjoyed it. 1. Because it made me feel like a part of the Bryn Mawr Community. I took the test with traditional students and there was a spirit of fun and togetherness about the whole thing which I enjoyed. 2. Because I learned to swim as an eight year old right here in the Bryn Mawr pool at summer day camp ... so swimming was something I wanted to do when I came.3. Whenever I meet other Bryn Mawr alums from whatever year, it is always an ice breaker... "Did you take the swim test?" usually gets an "OH YES!" and then the story 4. Because Katherine H. did it.

It's not so bad because you can float, doggy paddle, and do just about any stroke you want to stay above water. A traditional student doggy paddled the whole thing next to me in the lane and I would not recommend that (kind of tiring).

Hey Susan, maybe your "thrashing" in the pool is a good metaphor for my "thrashing" around with the idea that come May, there will be some changes. I know you are great at staying afloat (and helped me to do so too).


Hey Beth
Date: 2005-09-30 07:05:14
Link to this Comment: 16389

I'm sorry. I realize now that you are not a new McBride but are returning.
Welcome Back!


first year mcbride
Date: 2005-09-30 12:10:26
Link to this Comment: 16391

This has been a year of major changes in my life. As a matter of fact this does not resemble the life I had envisioned for myself. Going to school-yes Taking Japanese-what!! are you crazy. Well crazy I am because I am taking Japanese and it is kicking my ass! I need help! I have a tutor I need to stay focused on studying. I have not been in a classroom in fifteen years and I am tired of crying. I am using this a a place to vent. I know it will be ok and I hope it is ok to vent here. Thanks

a ramble hello
Name: Kathy Maff
Date: 2005-09-30 14:44:18
Link to this Comment: 16395

Ichi, ni, san, shi, go, roku - the extent of my Japanese is counting, and on a good day I might make it to ten. I learned from my brother, who is a sensai of Kosho Sho Rei Ryu Kenpo, an ancient Japanese form of martial arts which includes (let me now misspell) shodo (the art of ink drawing), tea ceremony, and shiatsu (accu-pressure healing, which is some amazing stuff). The highest form of fighting arts is escaping - to avoid conflict. The next highest is controlling - joint locks and such to stop an attacker. The lowest level is the destructive arts. I find that to be a nice philosophy.

I once read an article explaining that language construction (and therefore idea formation) in an Asian language is a very different way of looking at things than doing so in English. I've noticed some of that conceptual difference between English & French, and they're not terribly different languages like English & Japanese. The article claims that multi-lingual children excel intellectually, having developed more than one cognitive perspective.

So, jbunch, once you're able to reframe your mind and pick up the very different concept of Japanese language, I'm sure you'll be even better equipped for tough, mind-bending courses! In the meantime, I sympathize with you for tackling so many changes in life at once (including Japanese). I think that change can be refreshing, challenging, and empowering in manageable doses, but large doses can be frustrating. Is there any way to soften the transition process? If nothing else, maybe you can find ways to reward yourself periodically with something relaxing, soothing, and comforting. And remind yourself that taking on these challenges makes you a very brave person who will feel incredibly accomplished once you gain your footing!

Lots of luck!


Name: Kathy Maff
Date: 2005-09-30 14:59:51
Link to this Comment: 16396

For juvenile giggles, try

to see how hard it is to translate Japanese to English. This site catalogs quite a few amusing examples of bizarre translations & such. Enjoy!

Date: 2005-09-30 17:44:35
Link to this Comment: 16397


I tried taking Spanish at a college closer to home (I work full-time and drive 1.5 hrs to get to Bryn Mawr), hoping to pass the BMC proficiency test. I wasted a year of my time. Some day, when I hit the lottery, I will take language at BMC. It is a sword hanging over my head and my major obstacle (because I WILL pass this swim test). I admire you for taking it on. Hang in. Hugs. Ohio.

Susan Anderson

hello from a last year senior McBride
Name: Mary Ferre
Date: 2005-10-06 09:38:51
Link to this Comment: 16478

Hey fellow McBrides

Just wanted to send out a howdy to all my friends and all the new McBrides that I don't yet know, but whom I look forward to meeting at the McBride Fall Tea on October 24th and Lantern night on October 30th.

I attended BMC for the past 6 years and graduated May 2005. I can't say that I miss the deadlines for schoolwork, but I do miss the day to day information coming my way. And I will say that I am so so happy to have put in my BMC time. There is nothing to compare to the strength and fortitude that comes from all that reading and writing and classroom discussion! I am thrilled to know that there are non-traditional aged women at BMC pursuing their academic dreams. Kudos to you all and can't wait to get together with my old McBride friends and new alike. See you soon! Mary

Date: 2005-10-06 17:39:19
Link to this Comment: 16485

Hi Mary. Let us know when the big day (baby day) arrives for your daughter and you. Miss you!


language diversity
Name: Kathy Maff
Date: 2005-10-07 16:40:03
Link to this Comment: 16495

I just read this blog entry correlating language and cultural diversity with biological diversity. Very interesting! Since I just recently wrote here about language perspective, I thought this was pretty timely. Enjoy!

Serendip link
Date: 2005-10-19 11:05:54
Link to this Comment: 16546

I went browsing around today on the Serendip site and found a link to the poetry of Mary Wilson. Her work is beautiful and powerful. If you haven't wandered around in "here" (meaning in Serendip) -- there is art work and more! -- give it a try.

Susan Anderson

Pa. Governors Conference for Women
Name: Diane Gibf
Date: 2005-11-17 07:04:06
Link to this Comment: 17039

I had the great privelige to spend the day at the Pa. Governor's Conference for Women on Nov. 15 with Prof. Alexis Rosenfeld, Kelly Strunk and fellow McBride Bonnie Balun. Prof. Rosenfeld is teaching a class in issues of Women's Mental Health in the psych dept this Fall. Something like 4,700 women gathered at the Convention Center to hear keynote speakers like Madeline Albright and Sandra Day O'Connor as well as Lisa Ling and an amazingly talented actress and playwright, Sarah Jones. It was an exciting and affirming day and it was an extraordinary opportunity to share experiences and information with other women. I just feel a need to share some of it with fellow McBrides.

I went to two workshops, one was on balancing life and work. As an empty nester, at first I was not sure how this one was pertinent to my experience now, but it occurred to me that this is always an issue(though the speakers were talking about handling the demands of children and work there are issues of elder care and personal life vs. work that have the same dynamic). The women who spoke were Jill Olmstead, Sr. VP and Director of Wachovia Organizational and Executive Consulting, Wendy Sachs, author of How She Really Does It: Secrets of Successful Stay at Work Moms and a wonderful woman who subbed for Shinae Chun, Director of the Women's Bureau, and I forget her name,(I think it was Ms. Corinna Moore) but she was fantastic as well as she is a single mom, a self professed matriarch and has managed to raise two sons and a successful career.
The take home message from this talk was that "there is no balance" that the key strategy is to focus the energy where you need to at the time, to fill yourself and surround yourself with supportive women friends, and to achieve a sort of integration, a kind of fluid "balance".

I left the second session I attended extremely pumped up. The topic was "Networking in a Woman's World" and speakers were Nancy Bauer, Chief Executive Officer and Editor In Chief of WomenMatter as well as CEO of Bauer Associates Inc. in innovation development and creation of new markets, Susan Kelly-Driess, Executive Director of PA Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Yvonne Wood, President of the Board of Directors, ATHENA International.
Nancy Bauer is a feisty, white haired woman who is wise and hilarious. She had a lot to say about the value of "talking across the aisles" to each other and not allowing ourselves (52% of the vote) to be divided by issues which others decide are the most important issues for women.
Nancy originated a blog and a website to try to get the dialogue going, she also does GirlsMatter and has Girls Matter groups.
Another speaker, Susan Kelly-Driess traced the origins of the PA Coalition Against Domestic Violence, and the PA Domestic Violence bill as well as recent amendment House Bill 1717 to networking and to the Women's movement in the 70s and 80s. Women gathered in sessions to talk about women's issues and these sessions grew into centers, which were inundated with calls for help from victims of domestic violence. The centers could not handle the calls, so they networked to find professionals and to connect with other networks (there were six others) who joined and did things like testify on behalf of battered women. Susan said that county officials and the police and clergy were in a collusion of denial. But that women found information and support for other women offering information and empowerment.
She gave a statistic of something like 62 programs with 100,000 victims including women and children each year in PA. In 2006, the Violence Against Women Act will celebrate it's 30th Anniversary. House Bill 1717 is an amendment (I think) to this act to try to give judges greater authority to remove guns from batterers. She also stated that PA has more fatalities than any other state in this regard. Gun Groups, naturally, are quite sophisticated and extremely organized and are, according to Susan, fighting this legislation. (I know that Susan Anderson may have lots more to say about this because of her work)

The take home message of the day (and it has been a take home message of this class) for me was that no matter where we are politically or in any other affiliations, that we all lead women's lives.
We all share the developmental and social aspects of the life of a woman and at the end of the day, we can be united around those issues that women care about.

mary ferrell's grandson
Name: Mary Ferre
Date: 2005-12-16 21:35:29
Link to this Comment: 17445

Hi McBrides

Here is a website with lots of adorable pictures of my grandson -- McHale Gentile.

For those of you who have heard me talk often of my son Albert, he is also on the first page of the website. He is holding McHale on a group of photos captioned family.

Wishing you Godspeed on finishing this semester. Happy Holidays, love Mary Ferrell

mary f's grandson
Date: 2005-12-19 10:28:50
Link to this Comment: 17451

What a very cute and peaceful kid, Mary! I wish you many, many years of happiness with him and your entire family.


Date: 2006-02-12 10:01:57
Link to this Comment: 18072

Just a note to thank the McBride Community for electing me reader.
It is a true honor and a humbling experience to share in the lives of women who applied to the McBride program.
Thank you.


Date: 2006-02-13 09:57:04
Link to this Comment: 18090

we did what? Diane who???
Just kidding ... that's my "little sister" --- I'm very proud. I wish I could take all credit for her success, but she succeeded inspite of me, not because of me. Diane, you will be a thoughtful and considerate reader. Congratulations!

Susan Anderson

Date: 2006-03-03 14:17:32
Link to this Comment: 18444

See the latest edition of Bryn Mawr Now for a wonderful story about our gal Diane Gibfried. Bravo!

Date: 2006-03-03 20:39:08
Link to this Comment: 18446


I am a mcbride applicant and is awaiting my acceptance into the program. I am nervous and cannot wait to hear whats is going on.

Any one can tell how difficult is to get into the Mcbride program.

Getting into McBride
Name: Leigh Hami
Date: 2006-03-13 22:31:57
Link to this Comment: 18499

Hi, TJ,

I read your post asking if anyone knows how difficult it is to get into the McBride program. That is the million dollar question. I'm also a McBride applicant, and on pins and needles just as you are, waiting and hoping for that moment when my life changes for the better.

While I have no answer for you, I just thought you'd like to know that you're not alone out there. I'm also about to jump out of my skin with anticipation. My chant for the past couple of days has been "STOP thinking about it, STOP thinking about it!" But the very best of luck to you, TJ. I hope all *your* hopes are fulfilled. Hang in there.

Leigh H.

Welcome New McBrides
Name: Mary Ferre
Date: 2006-06-11 08:54:04
Link to this Comment: 19483

Leigh and TJ,

I just noticed your postings on this forum from last March about hoping to get into the program. I hope you both did and will experience the wonderful McBride Scholars Program. We just celebrated our 20th Anniversary of the McBride Scholars Program on May 26 -28 (06). Many, many, wonderful women came together to honor each other and to honor the Program. To all of you who are coming to BMC in fall 2006, "Welcome" and know that you are continuing "the spirit of strong dreams in action!" Can't wait to meet you all. And remember, the McBride Community is here to support you in this rich endeavor!

Children's Books and Fun
Name: Diane Gibf
Date: 2006-11-07 07:09:22
Link to this Comment: 20888

Dear McBrides,
Things are probably heating up in your semester and I know how hard everyone is working and I wish you all lots of luck. *I think of Bryn Mawr often and miss it too. But I am also relieved to not have
homework at the moment.

Just wanted to tell you about a couple of book signing events that are going on nearby which involve children's books and authors from the community.
Invites You To Our Fifteenth Annual Celebration
Of Local Authors and Illustrators
Friday, November 10th from 8 - 9 pm
Paul Acampora
Jon Anderson
Gene Barretta
Alix Berenzy
Elise Broach
Nick Bruel
Jennifer Bryant
Carolyn Croll
Diane Gibfried
Ponder Goembel
Dolores Goldich
Vivian Grey
Berit Haahr
Deborah Heiligman
Pat Hughes
Kim Kahng Sally Keehn
Judy Lalli
Bob McLeod
Elizabeth Mosier
Katherine Murdock
Donna Jo Napoli
Kathye Petrie
Matt Phelan
Deborah Ray
Mark Rogalski
Roger Roth
Charles Santore
Judith Schachner
Jordan Sonnenblick
David Wiesner
Kay Winters
And more...
17 Haverford Station Road
Haverford, PA 19041

and, there is an event at Robin's Book Store
the oldest in Philadelphia on November 12 2:00
to benefit the Moonstone Preschool
Moonstone Presents

Robin's Book Store, 108 S. 13th Street
Sunday November 12, 2pm
Children's Ink:
Celebrating Authors &
Illustrators of Children's Books
with Becky Birtha, Diane Gibfried,
Deborah Kogan Ray, and
Judith Byron Schachner
A Celebration of Children's books for Children's Book Week with presentations by four author/illustrators and refreshments, this is also the Book Fair for Moonstone Preschool, with 15 percent of all sales going to support the School.
Free and open to everyone

Hope to see you there!!! Please let your friends know!!!

Have a great semester.

Diane Gibfried

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Name: Webmaster
Date: 2006-11-28 14:38:43
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